Why Calvillo Didn't do Well in Hamilton

Interesting story in the National Post.

[url=http://www.nationalpost.com/Calvillo+beat+odds/3916052/story.html]http://www.nationalpost.com/Calvillo+be ... story.html[/url]

“A. C. was in a difficult situation,” Dunigan said Wednesday. "It was my 14th year in the league and I knew how to setup game plans. And A.C. was in a situation where he wasn’t going to get that from [offensive co-ordinator] John Jenkins.

“John gave you 500 plays and would typically call plays based on what he’s seeing on the field and go with a no-huddle approach … that’s awfully difficult for a young quarterback. A.C. wasn’t learning anything under that structure.”

Earlier in the week Calvillo didn’t give names but said that he had worked with some pretty poor offensive coordinators when he was first in the league.

Umm.... every once in a while this name from the changeover that I used to complain with pops up.... I don't know why. It's me... Mark up top. Now back to the thread.

John Jenkins ran a "Run and Shoot" offense with no full back
and even Matt Dunigan was running for life most of the time

because our O-line wasn't capable of protecting the QB.

Compound that with a no huddle Offense it is no wonder that
Calvillo broke his leg the last time he was pounded to the turf

and Matt Dunigan got his bell rung so badly
he had to hang up his cleats after that year.


That off season prior to Ron Lancaster coming in
as our Head Coach, he asked Ron to trade him

IMO, it was because of the relentless booing he received

Ronnie did him a favour by trading him to Montreal,

He needed the years that he backed up Tracy Ham
to overcome the ordeal he was put through here.

Are you sure that he was traded to Montreal, ron? My recollection is that he was a free agent, and had offers on the table from both Sasktachewan and Montreal, and (wisely as it turns out) chose to sign with Montreal. If my recollection is incorrect (entirely possible!) please let me know, and if he was in fact traded to Montreal, what did the Cats receive in return?

Interesting quote from MD.

It seems that Ticat fans can't remember the 2x 500+ yard games AC had in 96 after MD got injured. I know most of his time in Hamilton is better forgotten but I always like to remember those 2 amazing games he threw for in 96.

He was RELEASED by HAM in March '98 according his Alouette site bio:


Let's nip the revisionism in the bud, shall we?

"In 1998, Calvillo asked for and was given his release by Tiger-Cats, who were coached by Lancaster at the time, to make room for McManus, who was about to sign as a free agent."


Other sources:

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Ronnie set him free. It was a classic case of a fresh start helping all concerned.

John Jenkins went on to meat grind other QBs in his spread offensive system as well, but I digress. He has yet to Google "fullback" or "QB personal protector". :wink:

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Their was an OC under Don Sutherin in 1997 by the name of Don Blackwelder who AC had difficulty working with.

All I have left of Calvillo's days as a Tiger-Cat is his football card.

Was John Jenkins the guy hired to coach by the Gleibermans before the Renegades crashed and burned?


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jenkins_%28American_football%29]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jenki ... ootball%29[/url] [url=http://www.canada.com/calgary/calgaryherald/features/onlineextras/story.html?id=df0542be-43b5-4d94-9d82-e1e44051aa7d]http://www.canada.com/calgary/calgaryhe ... e44051aa7d[/url] [url=http://www.canada.com/story_print.html?id=faa4aa7b-80d0-4da3-b6b3-f4d19f6dae72&sponsor=]http://www.canada.com/story_print.html? ... 2&sponsor=[/url]

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8) "Mouse" Davis was actually the guy that first instituted the famous "Run and Shoot" Offensive System in the CFL, back
  when he was the O/C of the Argos, Russ.  Remember those famous days ???    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Glenn "Tiger" Ellison was the founder of the system. Mouse Davis was the disciple who really evolved it into the pro game. In theory, it's great, but in practical terms, more often than not QBs get road graded and the lack of a consistent running game limits its effectiveness in closing out games. Wayne Fontes's Detroit Lions had arguably the most success in running the ball (remember Barry Sanders? LOL), but the pass protection faults in the system doomed it as a common offensive approach at the pro level.

What I recall the most from the Argo days is seeing Condredge Holloway looking up from the turf and Grover Covington lowering a hand to pick him up. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


8) There was no O/C named Don Blackwelder with the Cats in 97. It was John Jenkins.
  As a matter of fact, I have never heard of this Blackwelder guy as an O/C in Hamilton ever !!!

Try picking up a copy of the 1997 Media Guide with a picture of Anthony Calvillo on the front cover ... turn to page 10 and you will see Don Blackwelder's profile. See, he does exist.

John Jenkins was the Offensive Coordinator in 1996 in the only season that Matt Dunigan played for Hamilton. If you happen to have a copy of the 1996 Media Guide turn to page 14. Oh yes, Anthony Calvillo was also on the 1996 team.

Perhaps you should ask questions first before shooting. I pride myself as a Ticat buff and don't go around making this sh*t up.

Let's not forget that he also didn't do well because he threw too many interceptions, dropped balls for no reason and dropped (fumbled) at least three snaps from centre per game.

Loved watching AC with the Las Vegas Posse. I remember he had that long throw back then.

Ah the Las Vegas Posse,seems I remember that there were more people on the field then in the stands, and a really bad rendition of 'O Canada'.

Actually, it was the best version of O Christmas Tree I’ve ever heard at a sporting event…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpXzASiXX8U :D :D :D

Next week: KC Parks butchers “God Save The Queen” to the tune of “Silent Night”…

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Ah yes, the unforgettable Dennis K.C. Parks. . . wonder whatever became of him (and wonder what the heck the K.C. stood for).