Why Burke must be fired

Speaking as a Ticat fan, Burke must go not just because of his dismal win/loss record, but also because Bomber fans are losing interest in this team with him leading it. I checked out this message board after the Bomber game last night, and it was dead...not even negative feedback. A very bad sign. Plus, apparently there were a certain amount of tickets sold to last night's game, but no where near that many people showed up. And when I checked out the Winnipeg Sun online after the Bomber game last night, the lead football story was about the "Bisons" instead of the Bombers. Even the media no longer cares about the team under Burke.

To get fans and media interested in this team again, Miller has to make a big splash with the signing of a big name coach, (and Callaros). You have to spend money to make money. Only then will people see that there is hope.

Things might have been different for Burke if he had more to work with but as they say, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit. I agree he must be fired but at some point the firing of coaches has to stop and the focus has to be on bringing in better players.

Burke is a hypocrite. It is the same talent that was there when he had his late night meeting with Mack that got Lapolice fired. He took the job and failed worse than the guy he threw under the bus.

There will always be interest in the Bombers in this market. Montreal,Hamilton and especially Toronto could only dream of the coverage and exposure the Bombers get. Yesterday was a busy day in Winnipeg, 26K at IGF and 15k at the Jet game. Both afternoon games . Trust me, nobody rushed home to post on the Bomber thread in a already lost season . People were at lounges and Bars........ I may have a headache today :wink:

No question you guys have tremendous passion and love for your sports team and it says a ton about the health and sense of community in Winnipeg but the Bombers can’t really afford to have 25 000 fans at the games too long and meet their financial commitments and or have the money to run a top notch team. Everything is budgeted on that new stadium being full. I suspect the league will give Winnipeg the 2015 GC ahead of Ottawa. That will take some of the pressure off.

There is no need to knock fans support of other teams. There is no issue in Montreal or Hamilton.

I agree with you 100 percent. I zero use for Burke and the way he got his job. If he's their next year I will always cheer against him.

Close but not quite. They lost a few vets and got younger over the Mack from Lapo to the 2013 team coached by Burke, so the talent is not quite the same. That said it is a bit of a cop out to say the talent is not good enough across the board. There are some good players on this team IMO, but there are some obvious deficiencies. The biggest one as we all know and have talked about ad naseum this season is the QB. If you don't have a good QB leading the charge it doesn't matter who else is on the roster. Case in point, the Minnesota Vikings. They have a couple of good receivers, one of the top running backs in the league, but with Ponder not being capable of pushing the ball downfield the offense is completely stagnant and lo and behold you have a 1-8 team.

I didn't have any issues with Burke saying in the media that some guys were checking out mentally prior to the season ender vs the Ticats. The problem lies in that he failed to live up to his threat. Which guys sat out that weren't injured, the "checked out" players? Did I miss it? It seemed to me the regular lineup played most of the game minus the couple of players who came out injured after the game vs the Argos the week before. What is the point in making threats in the media if you're not going to follow through? I wouldn't be surprised if Burke himself checked out mentally the way the game progressed, particularly in the second half.

Very true.

But a coach should never say that, publicly, about his own team.

Burke did.

So. . .byebye. True, yes; but you should not have said it out loud.

Not too many teams are going to want to touch Burke IMO. Calgary,Montreal,Toronto,Hamilton,Saskatchewan are out. BC I have serious doubts that Wally would allow anything "Winnipeg" in his locker room after the comments he made when Paul was fired. That leaves Edmonton and Ottawa as possibles and those would not be very comfortable challenges. Might be the end of Burke in the CFL if Winnipeg fires him.

Wally did allow something "Winnipeg" in his locker when he brought back Buck, but I get what you mean. He's not going to allow anyone associated with Mack on his coaching or admin staff.

I can see Edmonton making wholesale changes and it could make for a potential landing spot for Burke, but as a DC. I don't think he sees a HC job for a while if ever. I wonder how Reed and Hervey have gotten along since the whole Rottier episode where Hervey seemed to be wanting to tell Reed how to do his job through the media. If/when he makes changes I think Hervey will look for some guys with a bit of experience.

Edmonton is a possible but I think Mark Nelson has the inside track there.

If we can't keep Burke on as DC, swap him to Mont. and get Nelson back. Keep Marcel on as OC if he will. AND my choice as it was before LaPo was hired as HC is Greg Marshall, the HC of Western. HE"S CANADIAN !!! He has CFL experience and if Marcel heads elsewhere, Marshall is also the OC at Western. Western is a pretty successful team, no ! Yes, and Marshall has a great record of success everywhere he's been. Hamilton fired him prematurely,IMO....Next, another guy I've always liked and coveted is Mr. Burris. Maybe get a few years out of him, maybe more and then he is in line as QB coach. Good player and class act.... In the next draft, lean toward homegrown players, not guys who in 2 years want to leave and play closer to their home. I fear Kohlert will be joining this list soon and that's a shame and a drain on resources. Why train a guy for another team ?
Just some thoughts on the way I would to see things done.

I can't see Burke going back to Montreal. Thorpe is entrenched as DC, and if Nelson leaves for Edmonton, why would we want Burke back just as LB coach? It's either Edmonton or Ottawa for Burke as I see it.

But those vets were cut by Burke! It's not like they decided to leave, necessarily, for greener pastures. A player gets cut only when the coach feels he has a player who can do better. The line given at the start of the season was that the Bombers had quality replacement players who were younger and cheaper than the vets Burke was cutting. So for Burke to turn around and play the "not talented enough" card after the season was lost is flat-out hypocritical to me, not to mention blatantly disrespectful to his players. He has to take ownership of this season. He thought he could do better with younger players and he was dead wrong. Yes, Mack was the primary issue, but Burke didn't help himself out at all.

Also, hiring Casey Creehan to be his DC based purely on friendship and personal history was a disaster. Burke coached with Denny Creehan back in Calgary and was DC when C. Creehan was Montreal's linebackers coach in 2008. Clearly a case of Burke giving a job to a friend who wasn't up to the task, considering how badly Casey had mangled Hamilton's defense the year before...

Montreal is out. This is a guy who left Montreal to take the same position in Winnipeg because he perceived Lapolice would not make it ! And then was part of outing him ! Edmonton or Ottawa it is.

That's another guy we likely won't see again. Saw him on TV abusing his players, saw him punch a player. Imagine behind the scene !

Not all the vets were cut by Burke. The didn't want Khan back who went into pseudoretirement, came back to play a couple of games for the Stamps before retiring to shwarma heaven for good. Doug Brown retired. Labatte left via FA. None of those are on Burke. Hef you can pin on Burke, but Hef hiding his arrest didn't do himself any favours. There is some truth to the talent thing as Mack clearly preferred to bring in guys who had no prior CFL and in fact very little pro experience and he brought in a number of lower division NCAA level types. Max Hall, Alex Hall, and Clement were a few of the experience. Since Mack left, you look at some of the guys they brought in - Peach, Kelly, Boltus, Bo Smith, and a NFL vet in Sims-Walker and the short-lived tenure of Aaron Rouse. With the exception of Aaron Kelly and 1 game from Sims-Walker, most of the guys they did bring in with prior pro experience didn't really help the team. So there is some truth to it but by no means does it excuse how things have unraveled for Burke and the bombers this year.

WRT to Creehan, part of Creehan's struggles in Hamilton could be related to the talent issue again. Since last year Hamilton has made a lot of changes to that D. Still he seems to be in way over his head as a DC and is a better positional coach. I thought prior to the start of the season that Burke would work with Creehan and hoped they would build it up back to the success they had a couple seasons ago when they carried the bombers to the Grey Cup. Unfortunately, Burke was having his own issues making head coaching decisions and didn't get involved with the D until partway through the year.

Marcel had a positive impact over the course of the year on Max Hall I think. It's possible we're giving him too much credit, maybe with practice and experience Hall just started adapting better to what he needs to do on the field. Could be a bit of both. But I would not object to keeping Bellefeuille unless it means patronage positions for some of his old TiCat losers like Boltus. He should not be on this roster heading into TC next season, regardless of who is HC. Just plain awful.

Creehan has demonstrated anger issues and IMO does not have the maturity to be a coordinator. In some ways he reminds me a bit of Kelly :cowboy:

....What the hell gives????Kavis Reed is fired in edm.....we have a worse record and we appear to be treading water...Firing Burke immediately after that last disaster of the year should have been automatic....I hope Bomber management isn't trying some kind of end run because if that's the case it isn't going to go down to well with the fans of this club...Announcing new hires that conflict with the club at Grey Cup time I can understand...but leaving the impression that Burke will somehow hang around is going to blow up....We know he most likely won't take a demotion, so do everyone a favour Walters and do the deed...UNLESS that's not the plan...I just had a thought....maybe the direction from above has already been decided...Bellefueille will take over as head coach and Burke will remain as dc and they're trying to work out the details...I don't think that'll go over BUT you never know with this clown show... :roll: :roll:

Burke is probably not fired yet because of the "too many cooks in the kitchen" ridiculous heirarchy that exists at the top of your club.

Miller is the acting CEO. Walters is the acting GM. There are 50 guys on the BOD. No one knows who is suposed to decide these things. Does Miller, being an ACTING CEO, even have the power to fire Burke? Have the 50 BOD members made this clear? How many people have to sign off on this firing before it can happen? 10? 20? Yikes.

You should disband that ludicrous BOD, and either give Miller total power/decision-making, or hire one uy who can do it all like Hamilton did in Austin.