Why Bratina was bought off for his vote

Everyday we are learning more about these sleazy councillors. Bratina revealed today on the Matt Holmes show on chml that he changed his vote in favour of WH because he would get a Hilton Hotel build on the John A MacDonald site..the site he originally wanted the stadium built on. I reckoned he made this public before somebody else did and thus ruin his mayoral run. :cowboy:

How is that buying his vote?

If a WH stadium resulted in downtown development like a such a hotel, isn't that a good thing for the city?

Fair enough Captain but by the same token, if an EM stadium resulted in a hotel for that area, that would be good for the city as well.

No, because in the Captain's world, the East Mountain is not part of the city and is not worthy of "building".

If Hilton wants to build a hotel in the city so bad...why have they not broken ground near the Rheem site?

I hear it's a beautiful area.

Well yes, any hotel for the city is a good thing.

Sure, but it would be less good for the councillor for ward 1 than for, say, the councillor for Ward 9.

a downside to the system is ward building taking precedent over city building. Not sure if this is a clear cut case but it sure looks like one

Explain please.

How does a WH stadium, resulting in a downtown and near WH hotel go against city building?

Didn't suggest that, thats your schtick

I think Bob said the hotel would be on the old HMP site
on the north west corner of Main St W and Bay St., buck.

What Mr. Bratina also said was that he is against building
a large commercial complex on the Rheem factory site.

Does he think that the stadium will be built without
the extra revenue that a complex would provide

and not be a big money drain on city hall coffers?

After listening to what he's said before, I think he's counting on supplemental and complementary development for a WH satdium to be built near it, but necessarily on it.

Then I'm not sure what you meant by, "'Not sure if this is a clear cut case but it sure looks like one"

Bratina was opposed to the Deloitte's plan for an entertainment district down by the WH because he believed it would hurt the traditional downtown areas that he wants revitlized.

I was at the Hess Village rally where he supported WH and spoke about an associated development between Hess and Bay around King st. This is what he's wanted.

Furthermore, after facilitation it was down to two sites and he described the EM deal as "crap".

None of the above has anything to do with ethnicities.

Check out what he said at the Hess rally here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npRDngfeQjU

Would you say that Merulla, Morelli and DiIanni are all buddies cuz they're all of Italian descent?

What about Bob Young and Chad Collins? Are they the same ethnicity?

What about the other Anglo named councillors that voted against EM, aren't they supposed to be buddies with Young?

Might not Bratina be supportive of development in his ward for the sake of develpment in the downtown core?

NO. Like I said, you're really naive. Read between the lines and you might take notice of who's greasing who. Follow the money. There is no integrity here.

The city needs investors willing to build projects like the ones below downtown.

Councillors should pursue them aggressively to get
developments built in the city and in their wards.

These developments bring people ON A DAILY BASIS YEAR ROUND

to stimulate the businesses there by shopping in the stores
eating in the restaurants and going to entertainment venues.

Darko Vranich intends to build a Hilton Hotel at the corner of Bay and Main streets
on the former Hamilton Motor Products property when the economy improves.

His other holdings in the area include the Mount St. Joseph property at King and Queen streets.

[ Bob Bratina has spoken of a commercial corridor which will lead into Hess Village.

Maybe the Mount St. Joseph property is where that corridor starts. ]

Darko Vranich also developed the Staybridge Suites hotel at Caroline and Market streets,

and he plans to convert the former Revenue Canada building at Caroline and Main streets

into condominium apartments.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/197798--hmp-can-be-demolished]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... demolished[/url]


Bratina is the biggest Bededict Arnold of all of the City Councillors, being a former Ticat play by play radio guy. It is nauseating to remember him state over and over again on CHML when the EM location came out that it would be the solution, and that he expected council to easily ratify it, then he himself flip-flopped and voted WH. Guess he thought he could vote WH then use his Ticat connections to then get Bob Young on board. What an ego! That blew up in his face nicely. And now it's too late. Great job, councillor! That Hilton hotel (if it ever gets built, which I doubt) will surely be full every gameday at the WH stadium...the city's hotel rooms will be flooded with high school football fans from all over the planet, who will spend millions, revitalizing the downtown, all due to our biggest long-term stadium tenant, the Cathedral Gaels senior football team. Sis boom bah!

If Hilton are looking to build a hotel in Hamilton on Vranich's property - demolish that eye sore that was once the federal building.

Any so called Ticat fan that supports the WH site is obviously more a fan of the dysfunctional city council.

Plan and simple.. if you support WH then you DON'T support the Ticats.

Absurd statement. And easy to say if you're not a taxpayer in the City of Hamilton.

There is no logical inconsistency to my belief that the WH can be great for the city and and for the Ticats. What evidence is there to the contrary? The Ticats claims that they cannot be financially successful at WH? These claims have never been supported with credible figures. The opinions of their 'experts'? Their report has never been made public. Why not release the expert (Mullins-Cooper) report so that it can have the same scrutiny that the City's Deloitte study did? Maybe there is no report. Maybe the expert opinion is based on assumptions that the Ticats don't want challenged. Maybe their expert opinion is based on little more than eyeballing a map. Nobody knows, but yet so many are willing to accept these claims uncritically.

As BY has said himself, the merits of any site depend on the terms of the public-private partnership.

Bob doesn't have to justify to you noeast or anyone, he has a private business and if he doesn't want to do business at the WH site, that is HIS business and you can't do anything about it. No one can force him to put a nickle into a site he doesn't want and he doesn't have to defend himself for that decision whatsoever with claims to satisfy people like yourself.

I accept what Bob has disseminated to us through the brochure handed out at Go Eastmountain Go rally and on the web site and in newspapers etc. I trust Bob, I feel he has integrity extraordinaire. What does he have to do, publish his claims in a refereed journal passing editorial scrutiny to satisfy people like yourself? Jeepers Murphy for crying out loud. This is business, not academia.

But you're allowed your rhetoric all the same, that much I will admit.