Why bother .........

What this organization does not realize is that football is no longer a season sport. Its now year round and the real fans expect to hear football news all the time. As it is we have been held hostage by a retired QB, a coach now in the NFL and now a GM with NFL dreams......So I say to the real ALs fans out there why bother. With the outstanding talent we have, all we need is the right coach HC and OC plus a few tweaks on Defense and we will be okay. Management refuses to do anything and as far as Im concerned we are doomed as a franchise that will disappear in three yeards. Thank you the two W`s. Might as well support the Rouge et Or thats the only football we will be seeing in the near future.

Its very tricky to pass down a business to your children but the Wetenhall brothers are well educated and have been very well prepared for this. I think the next generation of ownership will take the Als to another level. Dad has become too emotionally invested with Jim Popp in particular. The quicker Andrew takes over the better I think this team will be. Probably part of the reason why Popp does not want to tie himself to the team. :wink:

There is way too much reliance and reward attached to that one individual that it has made the business unmanageable. Two Presidents have been let go in less than friendly circumstances.

This is the list of individuals that have publicly turned down positions with the team or have had opportunities elsewhere after their playing career !
Eric Lapointe
Pierre Vercheval
Mathieu Boulay
Ben Cahoon
Anthony Calvillo
Mark Washington
Bruno Heppell
Baron Miles
Ed Philion
Brian Chiu

Another problem is the total lack of interest and support by the city (municipal gov.) no practice facility, no urgency to fix the Big O.

Andrew will make or break this franchise. Dad better hurry...

Dad better hurry or they will be calling me begging me to renew my tickets for next year.

I don't think your alone. I think the media has eyebrows raised and if this franchise continues to devolve, The media will tear the house down and the whole thing will crumble like a house of cards.

Why bother indeed. Why bother posting in such a negative thread......oh oops. I guess I can still bother with the Als as well. :roll:

Because I have seen the dark days of this franchise in the past....Remeber the George Bork era if you can

If you've seen the dark days, then you've seen the bright days, too. You gotta take the good with the bad. No one likes a fair-weather fan. :wink:

I'm more concerned about the Montreal media...

Pierre Durocher ?@PDurocherJDM · 2h Shea Emry, des #Alouettes, déclare qu'il a choisi les Argonauts parce que cette équipe s'en va dans la bonne direction...
If that is not misleading your readers. I don't know what is.

I believe this team will survive. We are not like the Argo’s where fans don’t buy ticket but, use their big screens. The Als appear to have ticket buyers and, draw over 22 000 + per game while two broadcasters bring the games to the fans. However, this management is showing little respect by the self interest and indecision at the highest level of this organization.I do believe that the team has enough talent to be very respectable even with Popp coaching- it appears he’ll spend a final year at that role.It would be very interesting to know what the players think of his coaching ability. I doubt we’ll never know the answer to that question but, Popp’s team did draw sufficiently last season despite the debacle of the early season.Surely there are qualified personnel somewhere in North America with sufficient qualifications to give some leadership- should the owner announce an open house for an offensive minded individual. Even the best of fans however, might question their allegiance should the existing management fail to act now to the present stalemate in the football operations.

Wow, that predates me; or at least my awareness. I went to some games in his years (6-7 yrs old) but that was because my parents had an extra ticket on occasion. First season I recall is 1969 (Carrol Williams, John Baker, Dave Lewis).

Thank goodness for McGill U and Molson Stade.
The City of Montreal and the province are just barely getting buy with the use of Olympic for the Women's World Cup. After that something will need to be done to upgrade orone of the three biggest cities will be left out of any major sporting events.
With Joey Saputo's ability to bring in some big time international soccer as well as the Impact drawing bigger crowds for bigger games and the Als use for home Playoffs and the need for a venue for the Grey Cup to ever return to Montreal they should be getting moving.
Like Toronto did with Skydome maybe giving managing control in a partnership with the Impact and the Als. If the city can at least pay for the new solid roof the two privately owned team could but Olympic to good use.
Upgrades for locker rooms and training facilities and the Als could have a practice facility with possibily placing an outdoor practice field there.
Saputo can bring through some big time soccer and the Als a Grey Cup.

Heck both the franchises owners have already paid for their own facility, Saputo Field, or made major reno's, Mcgill, give them control and things will get done.
IMHO the city does not realize what kind of revenue can be pumped into the Montreal Metro with a proper enclosed venue.