Why bother?

I'm getting tired of this. WHAT THE ****!!!!!!
WHY NOT JUST GET YOUR REGULAR 1 POINT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME AND JUST GIVE THE OTHER TEAMS THE BALL, WALK OFF THE FIELD AND JUST GIVE 'EWM 45 TO 50 POINTS. THATS THE WAY THE GAMES GONNA GO ANYWAY. I'm tired of spending my hard earned money on gas, food, beer, etc. and spend my time on the highway for an hour just to watch a bunch of LOOSERS WITH NO JAM!!!!!! So as it stands now, untill theese pussy cats start to even remotely look like a team screw my season tickets!!!!! If you want to act like the Leafs move to Toronto!!!!! :x :x :x :x

And what is it with this coaching staff that they can't count how many guys you got on the field? Also an offensive line that couldn't even stop a highschool football team if thier life depended on it?

Cat Fans, The Ti-Cats Stink as Bad as the City of Hamilton around the Bayfront. In order for this team to be even remotely a winner in the future you have to be looking at another entire team change of players before we may see some wins. I believe even with Casey Printers that this team is probably two or three more years away from producing any kind of a winning team, certainly above 500 and maybe, maybe a playoff berth. As far as a Grey Cup Winner again it hasen't happened in almost ten years and it will probably be another 10 or more before we see aq Grey Cup winner in Hamilton. See you guys in 2008 or 9 or 10 or 11, so on, so on, so on, so long!!!!!

hey jukebox, you’re really blowin’ a gasket there aren’t you? that’s fair, i hear you but you’re playin the best team in the league with a qb who only has 40%
of the playbook at his disposal. to beat the best you’ve got to have all your arsenal available.just resign yourself to the fact that this season is lost
and maybe you feel like you wasted your hard-earned money but there is light at the end of the tunnel-at least you’ve got a guy who has lofty goals for himself, the best qb in the world? don’t forget 1997
though 2-16, 1998- grey cup finalists.it can be done.

take a deep breath.

What is going to happen this year when the 3 year season ticket contracts run out? Who is acctually going to renew thier tickets?

As I heard it, Hamilton is the only team to have a Grey Cup win in each decade, within ten years of each other.

So I think they are due for one soon.

I think you are running out of years there champ... Better start using some black magic... either that or buy up an nfl team and donate its roster of players to the disposal of ti-cat nation!

for crying out loud.. quit your friggen sniveling will ya.. are you not an adult?? If so..... act your age

Exactly…This is my 40th year as a cat fan, and I’ve seen this before (as many oldtimers have). We WILL rise again !
I do feel for Halfthedistance having to drive an hour and the money he has spent though. Have faith brother, the talent is there, albeit “raw” talent. We just have to make changes in the upper echelon from President on down, and put leaders who know what they’re doing in place.

can i have your tickets then please

The Cats will be back. You have 15 players with 2 years or less experience in the CFL. Watch things improve once Printers gets a chance to work with your injured players once they return. That will have a positive effect on everybody. Cats have been around a long time and have had some great games with Winnipeg. The day will come again when when Winnipeg looses. It wasn't all that long aog you kicked Winnipegs butt.