I was really pissed to hear that Black eyed peas were playing this years grey cup half time show. The past two years the half time show has been great last year with the hip and the year before with sam roberts but im wondering why they would think that the black eyed peas are what normal football fans would want to see. It seems like they did this to get veiwers and to be honest why would we want 12 year old girls who have never cared about football before watching just for half time. Their not even from Canada anyways. There is many GREAT Canadian bands that would be so much better up on a stage bands like NIckelback, theory of a deadman, default, the trews, boy, thornley, our lady peace, sloan and many other bands They all have new albums out and the average football fan would want to see them over a band like black eyed peas

I think it's great, I love the pees!

......I love a good pee as well........

I agree with Brian111
My responce to hearing it was the black eyes peas was

I am not a fan , but it will bring in a younger demographic , which can't hurt the CFL or the T.V. ratings. But THE HIP , were great last year in , OTTAWA!

Let's see.......the Hip, Bachman-Cummings, Rik Emmitt, Sam Roberts, Shania, and the best they can come up with is Peas? Yikes!!

Nickelback or Default would have been a better choice. Just my opinion.

NICKELBACK , would indeed be better , great call. :smiley:

I thought the same thing about Black Eyed Peas. But my kid and his friend really like them. They are all big football nuts. I guess my kids get that from thier mother. Wanna bet we see a rendition of My Humps.

I doubt it will bring in younger fans because I cant see non-fans watching the game just to see them at half time.

I never liked peas…of course, I think Nickelback is over-rated too…

Well I dont think the BEP should be at half-time because they are not Canadian, I dont think that younger people are not fans. My kids (16 and 14) probably know more about football (and the CFL) than a lot of people who will be watching the Grey Cup who are older (as that is probably the only game they watch all year).

I like the selection for the reason that they are NOT Canadian. I think BEP is ok otherwise. I just don't think there should be this must have a Canadian act point of view. I say you get the biggest and most exciting act you can, regardless of where they come from.

HMM. good point Manage, But still, I dont think they have that broad an appeal. But thats my opinion only, And I really really hate the song My Humps.

the thing I hate about the peas is that they sold out. I'm sorry, they did. before they added Fergie and it was just the guys their music was about real things, progressive hip hop and they were actually mentioned in the same breath as Jurassic 5 and Dialated Peoples. Well, I guess consious hip hop didnt pay the bills cause they added the skirt, started writing Peaches rip off songs talking about humps and are laughing all the way to the bank at present. A real detriment to people making real music. As for Nickelback, no comment, that's just too easy...

Who was the last non Canadian half time show at a GC game............anyone know...........

You are quite correct Esquimaux. I doubt there will be that many other people will know who you are talking about with the refrences. BEP did sell out. Their first album had quite a few really good conscious songs. Then they went POP, and talking about getting retarded and stuff like that. Plus Fergie actually relieved herself on stage. Don't bleiev me google it, I am sure you can find the picture, I've seen it, not too attractive.

As for Theory of a Nicklecreed by Defalt. ALL bad choices in my opinion, But then again I hate almost all music played on the Radio, not all, but 95% probably


My reaction to the peas getting to preform at the GC was shock, and I'm glad that the CFL is try foreigner performers. Honestly, I would like to see Micheal Buele perform more than the BEP, but hopefully he will preform in the GC next season in the Peg. :smiley:


ah thanks, last names are so tricky, I bet that most of you can spell my last name.