Why BC will win tomorrow

  1. They are the better team
  2. They are at home in front of a sold-out crowd
  3. They are unbeatable at BC Place

It's pretty simple. Winnipeg's good but BC is better. They'll show it tomorrow.

...and all along I thought all they had to to was score more points...guess you're right, winnipeg might as well stay in their hotel rooms, why even play

They will score more points because they are a better team. Just ask Edmonton last week, or any team they've played in the last 10 or 11. If this game was in Winnipeg I could see it being closer, but it could get ugly tomorrow at BC Place in front of 55,000. Might not be as much of a beatdown as the Edmonton game but I see the Lions winning by 10 or so

If only that could happen…

I would hate to see this thread turn into a ‘cflisthebest’ type monument…

BC will win because if they don't, this Canucks is going on a drunken rampage. :smiley:

P.S. Evil: Did Laval seriously lose? Wow... :?

I'll enjoy watching you eat crow on Monday. A lot of people are underestimating Winnipeg because they only scored 19 points, but they played outside, in cold weather, on a slick field. They put together a game plan for the conditions and executed well. They'll pass more and run less tomorrow and score more. BC should win but it will NOT be a blow out. BC by 3 and they score the winning points on their last possession.

This should be another classic Grey Cup.

I expect them to win by double digits, but a win's a win. I'll be happy with any result that ends with a Lions win. It's just my opinion but I really don't see the Lions losing to Winnipeg at home tomorrow, not with the way BC is playing and especially at home. Dome Field Advantage.

Why you are wrong:

  1. The Bombers LOVE when they are the underdogs, and seem to play better. (Beginning of the season, anyone?)
  2. Home crowds are overrated. Plus its the Grey Cup, its not like EVERY SINGLE person there is a Lions fan, and if they are, well shit..
  3. Unbeatable? No. They are currently undefeated, yes.. But all streaks come to an end eventually. Unbeatable? Not the word I would use.

And finally, to put things into perspective:

As BC your playing at home in the Championship game, in-front of who knows how many.. EVERYONE expects you to win (Except for me, of course). You have been dubbed the 'best' team in the league. You have your Quarterback who has been named 'The Most Outstanding Player', as you've stated your undefeated at BC Place since it has been re-opened. On top of that you have the winning-est coach in CFL history coaching your team, and a Receiver who is about to become the all-time leader in Receiving yards.

As a Bomber player (and fan), what do I have to worry about?

Think about it.


The "pressure card" might be one of the absolute worse points ever. This talk that Winnipeg has nothing to lose is silly. They're playing for the freaking Grey Cup. If that's not something, than I don't know what is.

And considering BC is littered with season veterans who have played in the Grey Cup before, I highly, highly doubt they will be any more nervous than the younger, more inexperienced bombers (obviously everyone will have nerves, but both teams will settle in and play football)

See Grey Cup 2008.

That is all.


Why none of that matters:

  1. It's the CFL

anyone watch grey cup saturday today?

during the lions walk-through, they were wearing grey sweatpants with the BC lions logo on them. they do not appear on cflshop.ca ( yet detroit lions jerseys do :roll: )....anyone know where i could get these sweats?

:D my fiancee just had me open part of my birthday present early....BC lions boxers and pajama pants... :D

i hope she got me bomber stuff too, cuz if the bombers win, i don't wanna be sporting the clothes of losers..hahaha

Hey DG. TMI?

:lol: :lol:

What? Did you really miss the second best football game of the year?

Naughty, naughty...

Second best? TSN's after game hype was over rated. Yes, one of the best games of the year but far from best ever.


Yeah, second best after the Eastern Semi-Final, and it was arguably the second best after the '94 Vanier Cup. I would have to pull out the tape of the '94 game and watch it again to compare...