Why arent there more afternoon games in the West?

I am quite disappointed that there aren't more afternoon games in the West this year ( Except for 1 pre-season game against Edmonton.) I am from the island and would love to go over for the afternoon for a game without having to stay in a hotel. I'm sure fans from Kelowna,Kamloops etc would also love to do this. Why is it that the East is always favored in the schedule. I do understand the time zone problems but come on, maybe the easterners will have to stay up late to watch a game. The only game this year in the afternoon is, surprise surprise, Toronto. I'm sure Empire stadium will be sold out this year anyway but when the Lions complain of poor attendance they may want to think about other fans than just local ones.

There are more than just the pre=season game this year:

Saturday, Sept 11th vs Toronto at 1:00pm
Sunday, Oct 31st vs Saskatchewan at 2:00pm

Helps to read the schedule before you complain.

If they were catering to the Eastern market, wouldn't they want to have more afternoon games? A 7:00 start in BC is is a 10:00 start in Ontario. It would be a lot easier to watch if it started earlier.

Yes I realize 2 afternoon games is better than nothing but it is easier for me to go to Seattle to watch a Seahawks game ( all home games are in the afternoon ) than it is to see our own B.C Lions. May as well call them the" Vancouver Lions "

not that you would of course, right....good canadian that you are :wink:

Because afternoon games, other than late Fall, tend to sell very poorly in Vancouver. Maybe an outdoor stadium will alter that trend, but that has been the pattern.

what else do people have to do on a rainy afternoon???

The Lions did a whole bunch of Sunday afternoon games in the 1990's. Only wives and girl friends showd up.

I understand the predicament with Island fans catching the Ferry, but people want to work outside in the sunshine, not watching football games. With night games you can get the grass cut, weed the garden, have dinner, then go to a football game.

Because when it doesn't rain (on those summer weekends) no one wants to be in a stadium. Fall is different.