Why arent the CFL player awards on TV anymore?

For me it was always the official kickoff for Grey Cup week. Why are they not televised anymore.
As soon as Rogers dropped the sponsorship and Gibson’s took over they wee no longer televised. The fact TSN brodcasts the draft now and didnt before really makes me wonder why the awards are no longer on TV. Does Rogers have something to do with it? Do they still hold the TV sponsorship rights and wont allow the CFL to broadcat the awards. With Rogers, anything is possible.

TSN presumably made a decision that live game coverage on a weeknight will draw better ratings than an awards show, and the show can be edited for inclusion in their extensive Grey Cup Saturday package. I don't have a problem with that -- it's never been a great 60 minutes of TV.

The CBC used to make a pretty lavish affair of the awards banquet, with formal attire, song and dance routines, ect. The CBC didn’t care about the cost or the ratings, they just wanted to produce a good show. TSN scaled it down and runs it on tape delay, I believe.

it all went downhill when schenley bowed out

What NBA, which draws friends and family>
Why not TSN2 then?

Because not many people would watch it. As I said, TSN has presumably determined it would not draw ratings to warrant showing it live, and it gives them a nice block of 40 minutes or so on GC Saturday when there will be a fair bit of interest among viewers.