Why aren't Pat Fleming and Brian Devlin Listed on the roster

Hey, why don't we bring in Chuck Tack, I hear he can hammer the ball.

Chuck can hammer the ball as a Punter only as Far as I know
I don't has ever done Field Goals..

WOW - no need for real competition at TC i guess? - maybe they felt a real need to clear room for other spots to make the TC limit? Have to wonder if Charlie will be handing jobs to other imports with pencilling in and no honest competition?

I am just wondering what yours, or anyone else's, thoughts are on Montreal kicker Damon Duval. I could be wrong but didn't they just bring in that unknown American kicker to do both jobs? He seems to have worked out just fine.

Trust me, he can't do any worse than what we have had since the end of Ozzie's career.

I am sure Setta will do just fine and dandy.

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Training camp hasnt started yet so I it is premature to say that no other kicker(s) will be brought in. Still over a week to go until camp.

What's all the panic?

Players are being released to get down to
the number allowed for June 2nd Training Camp.

That number has nothing to do with
the Open Player Try Out Camp May 26th!!

Fleming was just released because the goal is
to have one player to do all the kicking.

They have a couple in mind that they have scouted
and others they've seen at their U.S.try out camps.

They can evaluate punter/kickers individually
before Camp any time they want at the Stadium.

They usually evaluate punter/kickers
the night before Open Player Tryouts

and bring 1 or 2 of them in to be
further evaluated the next day.

That roster spot in Training Camp
for a P/K job should be well earned.

The world is rotating on it's axis as it should.

No problem.

"Desjardins revealed yesterday the club had released veteran Pat Fleming, who handled punting last season, along with former Wilfrid Laurier kicker Brian Devlin, who had been signed earlier. He said the club hopes to bring in one or two Americans to compete with former Notre Dame kicker Nick Setta, whose job it appears is his to lose."

From today's Peters article. I love how he says, "whose job it appears is his to lose." When the team will be bringing in other kickers to camp.

Will Atleast they are going to Bring in other Kicker.

A friend of mine ( I won't say his name as he told me not to)who was a kicker at a U.S. school, has been specifically invited to camp to kick at the end of the month at the open tryouts. He was told on the phone that they plan on looking at 20 kickers that afternoon and they plan on inviting 2-3 kickers to camp from those tryouts.

I don't care that I've never seen Setta kick a single ball. Doesn't bother me. Our kicking has been so bad in the past few seasons that it really doesn't matter. I seriously believe that the 'Cats would have been better off going for it on EVERY 3rd down last season rather than let either of our kickers touch the ball!

why is everyone being so hard on Nick? Please just give him a chance. when you have a chance to meet him you will see what a great guy he is.I'm sure that the first time he kicks the ball through those post thingys and we win the game you will all cheer.

welcome to ticats.ca settagirl happy to have you on board :thup:

Welcome to the site S-G :roll: I don't think anyone is really being hard on Nick, well I'm not anyway. We're thinking of the good of the team. I, for one, sure hope he does succeed because if he doesn't we're in serious trouble.

Nice try, setta-girl. :roll:

I get the humour of your post but
you blew your credibility by trying
to be too ‘girly’ with this line,

"I’m sure that the first time
he kicks the ball

through those post thingys."


For those of you who are not avid readers.

Comments like setta-girl’s always trigger derisive comments
from fan who couldn’t care less what a nice guy a player is.

Re: too girly

Dunno how gender enters into it but I've read gushing posts about Boreham and others by "men" that would make any teeny bopper girl in puppy-love sound coldly detached in comparison.

I am Shure Rick is Great Guy ..
Maybe he is our Kicker

I just did not like the Fact
it look like Football Ops Was giving him Job
without a Fight for it..

I want Players Compete For a Spot From Waterboy to QB..

For the last 3-4 years now I've screamed into the dark apparantly that it is a ridiculous practice to use a training camp to have QB's and kickers fight it out for a Number one spot.....it is such a horrible waste of time to have the rest of the team be in a state of uncertainty when these obvious #1 starters could have spent the time assisting the coaching staff in developing the play-book, evaluating players and helping all the news guys in camp adjust to the way things will be run.....

....establishing the #2 and #3 guys in camp is far more important and productive.....

Finally, I see a coaching staff that 'gets it'....declare your #1 spots right off the bat and it will eliminate all this unecessary animosity that can develop between competing kickers and competing QB's.....

So far Coach Taffee has said that Setta and Maas own the #1 spots immediately and it is their's to lose....I like that confidence from the Coaches.

This is not to say that they can't lose their spots for a number of unforeseen reasons but all things being equal, it establishes an air of stability during camp....and they can focus on areas that are not as stable shall we say....

I love the concept of the following observation:

To keep repeating the same thing and expecting different results is really, really dumb.

I recall being yelled at by a lot of people in these forums each spring when I suggested the approach of having a competition for the #1 spots during camp was a flawed practice.....and if you want to yell at me again, bring it on......I'm not listening.....hahaha

:lol: :wink: :wink:

Hope everyone is enjoying the Victoria Day Weekend.

IMO the Ticats have signed the best import kicker avaiable this year.
What I’ve seen and remembered of him at Notre Dame he has a strong accurate field goal leg from 45-50 yards in…and was a pretty fair punter when called upon. I would think he will average 42-44 yds a punt.
A good signing IMO.

Interesting, when DMac was declared #1 there were threats of boycotts... now we welcome the practice?

No real competition for ANY spot (outside of maybe a proven all-star QB in his prime who could be expected to be annointed #1) at a training camp is plain dumb IMO - handing a rookie kicker with zero experience in Canadian football the job from the get go is borderline laughable to me; but maybe they will sign another kicker to compete in TC - still time to address the issue.