Why aren't Pat Fleming and Brian Devlin Listed on the roster

Why aren't Pat Fleming and Brian Devlin Listed on the roster???

Because they were just cut.

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They have both been released

What a Mistake ...
Seta is nothing at this point.
how do we know this kid can do the job..

We Don't

Now no Competition for him.

we need to make shure our Kicking is better .

How many Games has it cost us in past 4 Seasons..

That is why Fleming was released. His inconsistent punts didn't help us win games. Ditto for Boreham in relation to field goals.

The Cats have tape on Setta. His performance in NFLE is documented. Desjardins obviously thinks he lucked out when Setta signed with Hamilton, and that Setta is good enough to be the kicker. Good enough for me. Setta must be better than the impostors we've had kicking for us the past four seasons (you can't go BELOW rock bottom).

Still No Competition for him is a Mistake
Bring in Mike Vanderjagt or Someone with CFL Experience.
to Make Fight for the Job

If He wins the Job fine just don't give it to him

this is the Biggest Mistake so Far..
we can't afford to give a Job to anyone not Urning it

Ticats.ca is now accepting applications for a "Settagirl".

Is competition really that important for a kicker when a team clearly knows he is going to be the starter? For example, does Toronto ever really bring in any serious competition for Prefontaine? No. Why? Because the Argos (who SOMETIMES use their brains) would rather spend that $ on bringing competition into camp for a spot that is less set.

And remember, Fleming was probably making decent coin.

So the Cats cut another salary of another second rate player, and can use that $ to bring in other hopefuls for other, less "set" positions (ex. receiver, linebacker, etc.)

Don't look at me. I wouldn't want to jinx the kid. He's got a big job ahead of him already. :wink: I'm reserving judgment on the decision to go into camp with one kicker.

I posted in my Blog how I Feel about this
Keeping Profanty from Ticats.ca

This family site after all…

Vanderjagt has already gone on record as saying he is going to wait for NFL opportunities and not pursue any CFL inquiries, so he isn't an option.

Devlin had no chance of making the team.

The Cats want one person to handle the kicking duties and Flemming cannot do that.

I would rather have an extra receiver or DB on the training camp roster to look at rather than having a kicker who we know will not make the team. Now if another kicker comes along who may give Setta a run for the money bring him to camp, but loosing Devlin and Flemming is certainly nothing to get bent about. Neither of them had a realistic shot at making the team this year. Now if Setta gets injured....we may be in a bit of trouble.

I think I heard Scott Mitchel Say on Y108
Steve Christy Wanted to try out..

Competition is need at the Kicker Spot ..
We should have atleast one more kicker in Camp.

Steve Christy Wanted to try out
Pick em' up...from shuffleboard and bingo that is. He's old. Plus if he wanted to make a comeback, I think he would be shooting for the NFL and not the CFL.

Give Setta a chance. You don't need CFL experience to be a good kicker.

2007 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Open Player Tryouts

  WHEN: Saturday May 26, 2007 – Registration 

begins at 8:00am with testing from 9:00am to 3:00pm

  WHERE: Ivor Wynne Stadium
  75 Balsam Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario

  COST: $80.00 Canadian dollars
  $70.00 US dollars

[ The Cats have likely scouted other punter/kickers
and invited them and ones from U.S.try out camps.

They usually have them try out the night before
and further evaluate the best ones on Saturday.]


40 Yard Dash/20 Splits/Short Shuttle/Three Cone/

Individual Drills by Coaches/1 on 1 Drills
and Evaluations by Group/7 on 7 Drills/

Kicker and Punter Evaluations.

The Reason I Bought up Christy is he is Canadian..
I like to see a a Canadian at that Spot if Possible..

How about we Trade for Fleming since Edmonton already has his Replacement on Tap..

He has few Good Years left.

That blog must be something to behold.

I see this as a punctuation mark on Joe PaoPao’s epitaph. When the Ottawa dispersal draft happened last year I assumed we would be in a better position than any other team to pick the hidden gems, since after all we had their former coaching staff in our corner.

Is there anyone left on our team from that draft? (other than Corey Holmes)

I love that blog...

Anyways, I believe it is entirely possible that the Cats could be signing a kicker(s), that have a better shot than those cut today, before camp...right?

I hope so

I tend to agree with you, whoknows. Especially since we're already well above the TC roster limit right now and there's talk of us bringing in a 5th QB.

Well the big thing is that Cats are having a rookie camp. So, every first year player and draft pick will be there. Out of all of those I’m sure you can 1) try out a bunch of kickers and 2) cut kids that really dont have much change or cut vets that can be replaced by a rookie that will make much less money.