Why aren't past stories linked to the Game Schedule?

Under the Game: Schedule, why aren't the news stories linked to the individual games as they were previously. It was much easier to follow the history, see the stats, and get a brief outline and view of the game, look at the players, see how they faired, the history was there? Wouldn't that be fairly easy to link up to? There was much more detailed information that was easy to follow and it doesn't seem as organized or complete now. Of course, there was also the stats, as there is now in PDF, but that's not what I'm referring to.

Also checking into the news, it seems that many news articles are missing from last year? :frowning:

As the site continues to be built out, we will try to include game notes from specific games etc. That is a time consuming project as it includes conversion from it's former format (on our previous service provider) to our new format.

News articles will only includes announcements/stories directly from the teams/League. Newspaper articles etc. are not included as it is against copyright laws to post them.