Why are you surprised?

That the offense is so bad should not be a shock to people. Coach Taffe has brought in a staff of buddies and cronies with very suspect CFL experience. The OC has one year in the CFL and was not a coordinator, the O-line and Receiver coaches have no CFL experience and are therefore learning on the job. Based on the lack of production, the offense has to be considered the main problem. Jason Maas has not played well, but a coaching staff has to give the players the tools to succeed and that has not happened all year. Game plans are a mystery, blocking schemes are confusing, and the play calling is atrocious. I was at the game today and some of the formations were bizarre, there is no motion by the receivers to get the defense moving and maybe misdirected. One reverse is hardly innovative play calling. How many times did the Argos show blitz, and the Cats were not able to adjust and capitalize? This season is lost, but this coaching staff had better watch lots of film from other teams because they have proven they do not understand the Canadian game. Charlie Taaffe should have hired some proven CFL coaches, rather than his buds. One last point struck me as I watched the halftime ceremony, and that is until Ron Lancaster retires completely and severs any connection with the team, the Ticats will have bad kharma. That may sound crazy, but I believe in it and Lancaster's self-serving ego must go if the football gods are to be appeased. Peace.

You lost all credability as soon as you mentioned Lancaster.

Actually he hit the nail on the head IMO. Lancaster still has the ear of Bob Young and Lancaster doesn't have a clue any longer. Its sad when it happens but it happens to every person in every walk of life eventually. At some point in your life and in mine we will be absolutely useless when it comes to giving advice in our current areas of expertise

Sig, sadly I must agree, the man has a point, and we should respect that.

We are on the verge of needing the "two quarterback" system (that has provably has worked) and Ronnie will be cold and dead before he supports that...