Why are you so quiet???

How many fans are annoyed by the “Why are you so quiet? recording played over the PA when the Cats are playing poorly and the fans are naturally quiet?

I find the recording reminds me why I am quiet (the team is performing poorly) and I feel annoyed by the reminder. It is better at this point of a game that I am quiet anyways as any ‘noise’ I am likely to make could be negative.

The recording is used when the team is not playing well and I assume it is an effort to get the fans cheering again, forget why they are quiet, and have a good time. If this is the reason it has more of the opposite effect on me.

The team used the recording redundantly under the old ownership regime and I hated it then. I can’t remember if I might have found it funny the first time I heard it years ago and it has not used much since Bob Young became caretaker of the team. However during last nights game against Calgary and the prior home game it was used frequently.

Can’t the powers that be find a more original and less annoying way to bring the fans back into the game?

Fortunately last night the teams gutsy play did bring the fans back into the game and we all were able to cheer and enjoy ourselves despite the recording.

Hopefully the gutsy play last night will be a building block to better future efforts. But if the team falters please don’t play this recording!


This question can be annoying and should not be used to a crowd of 26,994 who can make more noise than the crowds of 16,000 a few years ago. There are better ways to get the crowd cheering when it is appropriate...such as DEFENSE! when we need to stop the other team and "Let's hear it for our Hamilton Tiger-Cats!" when they've made a good play.

I enjoyed hearing the Ti-Cat victory or fight song played for the ol timers.