Why are YOU a Ticats fan?

There's been a lot of negativity surrounding this team over the past 6-7 years. Sometimes when your team is in a slump, or going through hard times, it's important to remember why you're a fan in the first place. It puts it in perspective.

For me, it was going to the games as a kid. I grew up in the '80s, and was part of the 'lost generation' of Ticat fans (the 'cats were notoriously horrible at marketing for kids in the 80s). I remember:

  • the caged tiger in the end zone.
    -Harold Ballard having the people who watched from the top of Prince of Wales school arrested.
    -Earl Winfield, Grover, Zambiasi, Ruoff, Brock, Kerrigan, Bennett, Shields, and many others
    -the '86 GC and going through downtown after the game
    and seeing the party
    -the heartbreak after the '89 GC, but later realizing that the game is perhaps the greatest ever played and the TCs were a part of that

But mostly, I think it's because they're my team. I know that sticking with them will pay off in the long run, and success will taste even sweeter when it happens.

So, how about you? What were the moments that hooked you on the team without ever looking back?

I too grew up going to the games. It's family tradition, going way back.

The Tiger-Cats are simply in my opinion the best entertainment available anywhere, even when they stink up the joint. Their is no place I'd rather be on a fall afternoon than Ivor Wynne watching a Ti-Cat game. :slight_smile: I love the atmosphere, the fans, the tradition and the culture as much as I do the football.

My favourite memory personally was the 1998 Eastern Final, I can't believe its been almost 10 years! It was amazing... Montreal had come down and scored a touchdown with very little time for the Tiger-Cats to come back. The one section of Montreal fans just went wild. Tiger-Cat fans were getting up to leave, but I remember thinking "we have Ozzy". And sure enough a few passes from McManus later and Ozzy was the hero that day. It was beautiful. :slight_smile:

Another good memory was the 1992 labour day game I think it was, the one that got national coverage because Ivor Wynne was sold out. That was wild, the stadium was a zoo that day, and not neccessarily in a good way (fights breaking out).

Yes, I remember the '98 eastern final. I was actually working at the concessions and I knew the game was close, and heard a loud roar from the crowd. Found out a minute later the great news that Oz had won the game for us.

I remember watching the '99 Eastern final on TV where Hagins caught the surprise pass from McManus.
Speaking of the '92 Labour Day game, I remember perhaps the biggest non-Labour Day/non-playoff game was the '96 Tor-Ham game at Skydome early in the season. It was McManus vs. Flutie and I believe Hamilton won the game by 3 or something. Great game.

Correction. It was Dunigan vs. Flutie. My type-o.

As a young boy, I lived more than
a mile away from the stadium

and on game day I could hear
crowds cheering at Ticat games.

I was drawn to this exciting sound

I stood outside the stadium walls
where the loud cheering stirred me
to my core. I had to get inside.

I don't remember how many games
it took for me to get up the nerve

but eventually I managed to sneak inside

to actually see the inside of the stadium
packed with fans wildly cheering each play

and I got to see first hand how fiercely
the game of professional football is played.

I got me hooked, way back then,
and it has me hooked to this day.

No other sports experience
anywhere can match it for me.

I was born in TO and have lived here my whole life except for a year when I lost my mind and lived in PEI. I could never afford tix to see the Argos when I was a kid so my buddy and I used to climb on top of the roofs of the CNE Midway booths to see a bit of the playing field on game days---I got hooked on 3 down football that way. At the same time, we had elderly relatives in Hamilton who whenever we visited, talked constantly about the Cats (Willie Bethea, Tommy Joe, Zuger, Garney, Ang, Mr. Barrow, etc.). They had season's tix through their workplace, CIL paints I think it was. So my soft spot for the Cats goes way back as well.

And I've never looked back. The CFL has provided me and my buddies with lots of fun times and great memories over the years.

An Argo-Cat fan

Because my parents raised me right..lol.

I remember going to pep rallies when I was a kid and at one of them I met Wayne Lee. He was so nice to me and it really made me take an interest in the Ticats.

I was about 7 or 8 at Grad-dads place

He has a CFL Game on Montreal @ Hamilton
He was listing to an Argo game on the Radio with an Ear Peace.
He sat Down me and he Explained the game to me.
For the next few months I learn the Game.
He knew so much I miss him.

A year later He gave my Uncle Money
He Took me to my 1st Game
I was hooked.
It was Labour day
Labour day. Under blanket with coco.
Yellow Helmets Ticats and Argos.

aaaa Memories :wink:

Why? God knows. I sure as hell don't. Was a 12 year-old watching the 66 eastern final. My dad was a die hard Ottawa fan and they were kicking the ti-cats asses. Naturally I started cheering for Hamilton. Moved west in 74. Does it get any better than the photo of the field goal at the end of the 72 game. Ball going thru the uprights with the clock showing zero. Who was that qb? But by far and away the 86 GC was the best. Watching the boys stick it to the Eskimos was simply the best. Can only hope that they get it together this year..

Going to my first in game in 1979 with my cousin and watching the Cats destroy the Argos 42-3, I was hooked right there and then. I am Black and Gold Forever!

Tony Champion's acrobatic touchdown in the '89 Grey Cup, broken ribs and all.

That was the first TiCat game I ever watched all the way through. I was 12 years old, living with my grandparents at the time who were big fans. I wasn't interested in watching the game, but there was only one t.v in the house and that's what was on.

As the game progressed I got hooked and was cheering like crazy. The intensity that filled that room when Champion leaped in the air, damn near doing a backflip, and catching Todd Dillon's pass (which was behind him) to tie the game 40-40 (with coversion). Those moments are what CFL football is all about.

The next year I started going to IWS and I've never looked back.

From the time I was about 5 years old, my father introduced me to the Canadian game and it has since been a part of me. I couldn't imagine life without it.

All other sports pale in comparison to CFL football. In my early days, several of the Ticats played basketball on a team coached by my uncle. (Dad's brother) They won their league and then they won accolades across Ontario. This coupled with the fact that a cousin of mine was a fullback for Ottawa and eventually with Hamilton, under Carl Voyles, helped to peak my interest in Canadian game.

I have been present either in the flesh or via TV/radio at every major event in the history of the team since amalgamation.

Wilf: Hope I don't sound like I'm bragging; (ha ha) I am simply a very strong fan.

I’m a ticat fan because I like pulling for the underdog. I like the fact that this team is rebuilding. I’m also an acquitance of your starting QB. He’s not a close friend, but as I may have stated earlier since I was new to board that I met CP and he was a very impressive and nice young man to me when he did not have to be. There where no reporters or camera’s, just a conversation with a guy. I was impressed then, and now that I know more about him from just asking questions, reading and hearing what others have to say, I’m now a FAN of this young man. He says nothing but good stuff about this team and (oh yeah, he really likes the head Coach) he’s hopeful that this team will come together and not let outside influences or the negativity that comes along with football, get into the heads of the players. He asked me to watch and support the team and even invited me to come to a game. So, I appreciated that and I will support him, because I feel like he’s a descent young man and damn good QB. Also, I like what I’ve read about Jessie Lumsden, the running back and I’m looking forward to see how this team will react to the pressure of getting better. It’s easy to win when you have a the right pieces in place, but when you building and coaching staff is going through changes, etc…For me it’s the most exciting team to be a fan of and to be on the watch for. So, That’s why I’m a fan, and I look forward to chatting it up with other Fans both good and bad.

I was born a Ti-Cat fan,like most of you.
I went to the Eastern final against the Argos in 61(?)when my Dads friend couldn’t attend or decided that since we were down by something like 17 points ,why go?

We won the game and thats it ,I was bitten with the proverbial Ti-Cat fever!

Hot flashes and emotional outbursts of passion for football ever since!

honestly, i live in Toronto, and always have. I have no association with Hamilton what so ever. When i was younger i went to an argos game with my grandpa at ivor wynne, who is an argos fan. it was the labour day game. I liked Hamilton's fans style, the tough, hard nosed style of the team. It was a real football experience, with the heckling and booing of the argos. I then in turn went to watch an Argos game some time later at their home field, and was not impressed with the fans, stadium or team. I chose to go against my grandpa, and now we are always heckling each other over who is better.

I'm a Tiger-Cats fan because the Argos Su.ck!

But all jokes aside...

As a little kid I lived in Hamilton. I remember watching the Grey Cup in '86 with my Dad. I may have only been 6 years old, but banging pots together to celebrate the 'Cats win was really fun. A couple years later we moved to Windsor and CFL football was all that I knew. While my grade school friends were pretending to be various Detroit Lions players I was always a Tiger-Cat. I continued to follow them and the rest is history.

spikejones says..."Wilf,I hope I don't sound like I'm bragging

Buddy, anyone who has been a fan since amalgamation, (1950), is OK in my book.
Brag all you like. I intend to, so you should have the same privilege.

I attended Prince of Wales from 1933 to 1939, so the stadium was right there beside us every day. When I was in High School, I had a Spec route in that same area. At that time there was a high green wood fence around the stadium. We used to lean our bikes against the fence, stand on the seats, and watch. We did this for practices and for the Saturday afternoon games.

I started work in 1945, and with my buddies attended both Wildcat and Tiger games. In 1948, I got a girlfriend who was also crazy about the game, so naturally, I had to get season tickets, which I did for both teams. And then amalgamation, bringing with it Carl Voyles, along with Barrow, Sazio, Scott, Mazza, et al. Those were indeed the glory years, and anybody who experienced the thrills of that period couldn't help but become a lifelong fan.

I left Hamilton in 1962, and gave up my tickets. But, I never gave up my passion for the team. How could I?
It had become a part of me.

To those of you there now, Don't ever let the passion fade. Believe me, it's worth hanging on to!

Went to college with Rob Hitchcock (Weber State University). We weren't buds or anything like that, but I do remember seeing him hanging out in the dorm cafeteria quite a bit. Once I knew he was on the Ti-Cats I became a fan. And even though he's been gone for a year now, win or lose, I've stayed Ti-Cat loyal.


I became a fan in the early 70's.

I parked cars for 50 cents and for the 1972 Grey Cup I raised the price to $1.00

My parents always took me to the last game of the season as my birthday falls in early November.

But what really made me a lifer happened around 73 and 74. Our high school games were played at Ivor Wynne and the Ticat players and coaches would come out to watch our games. After our game the Cats would practice and always asked some of us to hang around to help out. Mike Walker and Ian Sunter would punt and kick balls between them and we would catch their punts and kicks. The players made us feel like we were a valuable part of the team. And I guess since that tme I've always felt that way. The Ticats of today owe my loyalty to the Cats of the 1970s.

What made me a Ticat fan?

Well ... back in 2001 I went to a game with my son and his friend and we sat in the endzone. It was a blast ... the fans were fabulous! Cheering and heckling the refs.

Then 3 years ago my husband got given some tix from a friend. We went to the game and ... just got hooked! Mostly it's the fans ... Ticat fans care deeply about this team and literally do bleed black and goal.

Since that first game we've gone to EVERY game since. And watch the away games on TV. I've become such a fan of the game that I can actually talk football with my Dad (which shocks the pants off him!)

Sure the past couple of years have been tough but watching Jesse bulldoze his way and some of the nailbiters ... last season when Anderson intercepted against Winnepeg to win the game. AWESOME!

Nothing better than a warm summer night at IWS cheering! NOTHING!