Why are we so bad?

I know why we are so bad. I know also you dont want hear this name any more but its was the destruction of this teams future which will take years to repair! When we gave the house made of offensive linemen you cant find anywhere for a second string quarterback in Jason Mass ,That person why pulled the triger should be labeled for life! We will never have a line like that ever again unless someone comes here out of mercy and they were his friends!This is pro football ,not high school football! I am a diehard ticat fan frustrated with this teams lack of talent! Yes we have promice in some areas but you have to realize that the worst quarterback can play good with a great offensive line!We are better off dumping the the whole offensive line and start a scratch next year!

our line is part of it but it goes further then this to me. this is the poorest run team bar non in the cfl. from the top down. every yr bob young talks about learning from his mistakes but really has he. he produces the same garbage year after year. every yr since he took over has been a rebuilding year whether its players coaching staff etc and now next year will be guess what rebuilding again. the problem is this team is so poorly run noone decent wants to come here. outside of CP who was the last free agent that was an impact player who signed here. who was even before him. Players dont wanna stay here because we are a complete joke. There is no accountability from the top down. I thought when mr young took over it was the best thing that ever happened to this team. Instead we have probably four years of the worst football we have ever witnessed in this teams history. likely next year will make it 5. every yr we do the exact samething fire the coach and bring in some no name rookies and nfl cast offs who have zero expierence in the cfl. have we learned from our mistakes nope we keep doing it over and over and over again.

Why do so many convneientluy forget that our defence has been the worst all season? It's given up way too may points and yards all year! The lack of pass rush is atrocious and has had a debilitating domino effect on the enire defence.

The offense has been very productive for most games, and has produced what should have been enough yards and points to win more than a few games. It lacks balance with a dominating run game and weak passing game. The O had something to work with.

While watching the TSN game...wasnt Hamilton 1st in alot of offensive categories? Yards rushing? No?

Then how come we get stoped so much going on 3rd and 1 yard so much? Why are there not so many holes there to run? Our running game is fine! Our Qbs and Rbs need some help by the oline period to do better!!Caully has been dooing so much by himself I feel for him! Lumsden is always helpful when defences get tied but they are never always tired! :wink:

I'd love to be like the Denver Broncos, they didn't care who their running back was cuz their oline was soooooooooooooo good that they could throw anyone back there.

lol, it wasn't that they were that good but they were dirty, they perfected the chop block and now that their blocking 'schemes' have been outlawed they no longer steam roll teams like the good old days.

If you want to see great pass blocking then watch the Cowboys, I swear on one play Romo was drinking a soda and talking to Jessica on his cell while reading the defence in the pocket.