Why are we sitting on our hands?

It seems that everyone else but the Ticats are getting ready for 2012.

The Argos have hired their coach, coordinators and acquired their starting QB.

We are still interviewing coaching candidates.

We have signed anyone (like SSK) or resigned anyone (like CGY with Cornish).

We are starting to miss the boat.

As was stated in another thread, right now, we are the 4th place team in the east.

When you fire MB, you should have had someone in mind. Barker steps down as HC and within a day the have Milanovich.

To improve our team, we need to make some move. I understand that there is still free agency but it looks like moves are happening very early this year and I hope that we haven’t missed the boat.

It's very simple....

An incompetent front office!

It's either that or "the braintrust" in said front office is'nt going to do a whole lot until the new stadium is built??

Why assume there is nothing being done? Should they rush into a decision just because others have made some? I’m perfectly OK with taking some time to pick the right coach. Free agency doesn’t start until Feb 15 so they have time to try and sign their own FAs like Rottier. The draft is monthes away and most of last year’s picks were futures anyway so they will have some bodies from the 2011 draft ready to play in 2012. Doing something just for the sake of doing something is no way to run a business.

Its not really assuming, there have been multiple reports that the cats haven't talked to Dickenson or Austin and I don't think the Bills will let them speak with Cortez during the season though I haven't heard anything confirming this. Ray is no longer available, Mcpherson is possibly on the market and so is Burris so the cats need to act quick before those guys are gone.

Gone where? It's a 8 team league and most teams already have QBs in place. Why trade for Burris when he will be getting released soon and you can sign him for a reasonable salary. I like the idea of going after McPherson, but he's still an unproven commodity as well. I would not trade the farm for him. Maybe Wpg goes after him but would they give up some key members of that defense to get him? Tough call. BC, Regina, and Calgary are set at QB, and maybe Edm too with Jyles. Toronto and Mtl have their QBs in place so that leaves Wpg, Hamilton and maybe Edm in the market. That's assuming Buck Pierce doesn't resign in Wpg. Just relax and see how things shake down. The Argos made a decent move with Ricky Ray, but its no reason to panic. I expect Argos to make a big push for Fantuz now to provide some targets for Ray, but they will likely overpay and screw up their cap situation.

I agree with you.

Since when do the cats do anything fast ? seems like every year they take their time but that doesn't mean they are not trying to get things done in the background .. but they never seem to rush to get things done

patience is a virtue......chill

I can't chill !! As I mentioned on another thread about a month ago, Ticat management will drag their feet and end up with the usual coaching left overs. This is exactly what is happening.

By getting the coaching staff in place early, work could be getting done on establishing a plan for next season, including
whether or not to stay with many of our current players. Until the coaching staff is in place, nothing happens.

Meanwhile, teams like Toronto, Saskatchewan and BC are poised and ready to set out schematics for next season.

Lets go, Obie!!

It's not a race. It almost sounds like you think Milanovich is the best HC candidate because he was hired first, and that Benevides is 2nd best, and so on. Were the Tiger-Cats or other teams considering hiring Brady as an OC, or luring Chris Jones away in a lateral move? Apparently Benevides was going anywhere, so his promotion in B.C. is meaningless to the Tiger-Cats hiring process as well.

Milanovich is not guaranteed to be a better HC than is Benevides, Dickenson, Chamblin, Marshall, Burke etc. There isn't just one or two people that qualified for the job.

For all we know,there could very well be names, not even mentioned in the media yet, that are in play.

The sky is falling.

However, until Feb. 1 or so I won't begin worrying about it.

It's not like the season is about to start. Why panic? lots of time to evaluate coaches and players.

Last year a reporter asked what Packers coach Mike McCarthy was going to do after winning the Super Bowl.
His response was tomorrow I will be preparing for next season because we are now up to 5 weeks behind most of the other teams because we played in the Super Bowl.
T.O. and Sask. had a 3 week head start and by the Cats eliminating Montreal it freed up Milanovich to go to T.O.
To date 1 coach has been hired and 1 promoted from within which was predicted.
2 teams have swapped QB's.
There is time to wait until Cortez can be Interviewed(Jan.1st), and Burke and Dickenson seem to be top Head coaching prospects.
1 of these 3 as head coach would be fine by me.
Burris and MacPherson are available QB's or stick with Glenn.
Myself I like Burris
We will have to trust Obie to make us better as usual.

You’re right. Its not a race, but until we get our coaching staff established, our hands are pretty well tied.
Agreed again; I do think Milanovich was the best HC candidate. Too bad he was snapped up by the “Brand X” boys.

In terms of anything else you wrote to shoot holes in my post, your words are full of the usual hyperbole.

Do you have anything else to do besides cruising these forums? :lol:

rockey123................ do YOU have anything else to do? I agree with Captain Kirk most if not all the time.


Yes, I have plenty of other things on my plate. A handicapped daughter, volunteering for several charities,
a solid marriage to a great lady, music and writing lyrics for same and, oh yes, football.

How about YOU?

(Did you notice the smiley face at the end of my post?) It looked like this: :lol:

Only thing that bothers me about us not making a move on the coaching front or a new QB is that just down the QEW it is an exciting time for Argo fans, and right now for Ti-Cat fans its just a bunch of rumours.

However that being said, I'm 100% fine with the Ti-Cats front office taking their time, this is a HUGE decision that should not be made just to make the fans happy.

I'm sure once we make the decision everyone will hate it anyways :roll:

For those of you who say to chill, all I can see is the 4 signings (HC, co-ordinators, starting QB) by the Argos would look good in Hamilton. In other words, if they were available, how come Bob "Slowfoot" Obilovich didn't come up with even one of them?

If McPherson really is available, they need to go get him. Same with a HC. There's work to be done and they can't even start without a HC in place.

An Argo-Cat fan

Dave Naylor just said, that last off season, there was almost a deal in place to have Ricky Ray traded to Hamilton.


This seems to make me angry... :x

BUT if we focused on the what ifs and the what could of beens, we will lose respect for what we have right now, which is all we have to work with so.

^ is how I will cope with this news :lol: