Why are we playing an injured QB?


Because he's still better than the other guys we have.

because Eakin is not very good

He's better than our second and third QB's/....

Good question....but,Eakins performance against Bombers is the reason,.most likely and ..etc etc...

Because this organization lacks leadership and good judgement....

Maas should not be playing with torn ab muscles, they should go with a 2 q.b system of Eakin and Williams for the rest of the year, because lets face it you can put a fork in this team they're done. From now on anyone with wild illusions that this is still a team within sniffing distance of the playoffs should be dismissed as a complete nut case.

I think they'll make that determination about whether to keep playing Maas after LD game depending on what happens.

Or they can rest him until that game or until he is at least fully healed. Playing through all these injuries is not going to help anything. Watching Maas last night was like watching Jim Kelly against the Steelers back in the day, it wasn't to fun to watch.

because the cats arent interested in winning? i dono why else whould you start your injured qb who hassnt done nething all year? and yes eakin didnt look that good last night but i thought richie did even if the riders werebt trying there hardest anymore.

8) Because he is the highest paid player on this team and management wants to get every dollar out of their big investment !!! Even Ted Micheals said last night that even if Jason was healthy, and still struggling, he would not be benched !!! They will continue to go with him as their # 1 guy !!! They have invested too much $$$ in him, and don't want to look like they made a mistake !!!!!

You got that right, Tipper.

That is the way of all pro sports.


It seems to me that Jason doesn't know how to control his negative self-talk
which is making him more frustrated and angry. His mental state has become
even more of a handicap than his injuries are to him in my opinion.

He was quoted as saying that he plays better when he is angry.

I am sure counsellors would disagree with that belief.

Is anyone counselling him about this?

Now it comes out that, 2 or 3 weeks ago Jason tore an Abdominal muscle
which hampers the torque that he can put on the ball.

His hip pointer is probably still bothering him.

And he started the season labouring under the lingering effects of shoulder surgery
which seems to be affecting how far and how hard he can throw the ball.

Box J is councelling him about negative self doubt......athletes have to play through it....

Now all the injuries ...Jason says this is the best he's felt all season so far....
quote from TV CBC pre game show which was way boring compared to TSN's!

I don't see it as a 'handicap', his fiery perfectionist atitude is what got Edmonton to the Grey cup last year and he has had a lot of success in this league, as he has always demanded a lot of himself and his teammates. As soon as slackers like Peterson etc are weeded out of this offence it will flourish with Maas as their leader.

If the kid is hurt then he shouldn't be playing!!! Win, lose or draw doesn't mean anything if it screws up all his tomorrows.

[b]You hit the nail on the head, bud.


Maas has been hung out to dry.

even if he got hurt 2 or 3 weeks ago....HE SUCKED EVEN B4 THAT.