Why are we passing when it is 2nd and 2 or less?

• With 1:42 remaining in the game, Hamilton was in a second-and-two situation on the Riders’ 36-yard line. Easy decision. Run on second down and, if necessary, on the following play.
Masoli threw an incompletion on second-and-two. He then looked to pass on third-and-two before scrambling for an insufficient yard. Turnover on downs.
• In the second quarter, Hamilton was in a second-and-one situation. Instead of helping themselves to a first down, the Tiger-Cats passed the ball — five yards behind the line of scrimmage! — to Saunders.
Rodgers then forced a fumble. The Roughriders’ Tobi Antigha recovered the football on Hamilton’s 31-yard line. Four plays later, Brandon Bridge found Bakari Grant for a nine-yard touchdown that helped Saskatchewan assume a 17-0 lead.

And somehow we think we will surprise them with a pass on the last play of the game from the 1 yard line?? ???

Dumb play calling, which I put down to June Jones lack of CFL experience.

On the 2nd and 1 that was fumbled by Saunders, it would have been better if he had dropped the ball, and left us with a third and inches. The team should have lined up for a sneak, and given Masoli the option to throw downfield. All the receivers should have been downfield, well beyond the 1st down marker. If no one gets open, throwing the ball away is always better than completing a pass 2 yds behind the line of scrimmage, with no running room for YAC yards.

No need to add " lack of CFL" experience. It was a bonehead call. Absolutely ridiculous for any league when You have 1 yard to go and 5 seconds, and need to score.