Why are Updates so SLOW?

Lots of teams made player personnel moves over the weekend.

Many of them are not reported in the Transactions section of this website. WHY??

As I type this on Monday morning at 11am EDT, the latest transactions listed on this website are from June 23.

Montreal Gazette has an article listing all the Als who were released, but it doesn't show up on the Transactions section of this website, and that's just my team.

Why is the CFL's supposedly OFFICIAL website so slow off the mark? Getting scooped by the Montreal Gazette, geez..............

If you go the repsective team's websites, Im sure you will find the names of those released.

I know; that's why I'm wondering why they aren't HERE.

CFL admin has always sucked.

And now, here we are on 27 June and this website STILL only has transactions up to 23 June. Like there've been a few changes since then.................

For the OFFICIAL CFL website to be so out of date is shameful.