Why are topics being removed by moderators?

I started a thread as "End of 1st...game is over". And the topic got removed? So I see how it works.....u can only post "positive" comments and not reality? I had only 5 comments on it but many views. I made no bad comments or slander. All I said was going to be a long year. And it gets deleted?

This topic to be deleted in 3...2....1....

Your comment is still there, it was never removed. You didn't start a thread "End of 1st........" you posted a comment on an existing thread.


Pot Roast did start the thread, but it was merged (rightfully so) into the game thread.

It wasn't deleted - they just merged it into the game discussion thread. I know some people don't like that - but I don't mind it as on some other discussion boards it can get quite ridiculous with dozens and dozens of threads started ultimately discussing the same thing.

If any of you have ever checked out the Buffalo Bills message board you would know what I was talking about.