Why are Tillman and Austin sitting on their hands!

They also saved money on Butler, and some on Fantuz once he "retired". And did Laurent go on the 6-game? That would be a big chunk. Tolliver was also replaced by rookies. And Kanneh and E Davis both spent time on 6-game, replaced by rookies.

Hard to imagine us being at the cap for 2017, unless Masoli's bonus was substantial. (They may have figured there's no way Masoli collects unless Collaros is hurt and therefore ion the 6-game himself.)

Good points Pat, There is still 2 weeks to go before the end of the year, Hopefully we can re-sign a few of our big name players like of Masoli, Tasker and Laurent.

Masoli will go to Free Agency.

I think if Masoli goes to free agency, the Alouettes will go all out to sign him.

If the Als sign Masoli they automatically become my second favourite CFL team moving up from sixth ( ahead of Ottawa,Calgary and Toronto ) :slight_smile:

Masoli gets rewarded and signs in the Hammer. June Jones has enough influence to make sure he stays with the Tiger Cats.

The TiCats posted this sack package(that doesn't sound right! :o) of Justin Capicotti
If he is re-signed that would be great news!! :slight_smile:


I saw Capicotti and a few other players recently on CHTV, visiting sick kids at a local hospital. The fact that he is choosing to be so invested in this community is a sign that Capicotti is perhaps re-signing here. He's a good Canadian DE who played very well for Hamilton this past year.

They also posted one for Ross Scheuerman. Don't think that it signifies much having a highlight pack posted.

Scheuerman is not a free agent, I think all the other highlight packages they have done so far have been of players who are already signed!

Hopefully they're working on hilight packages forMasoli,Laurent,Tasker,T. Washington andDean
soon! :slight_smile:

Scheuerman finished the year on the PR and is currently not listed on the team's off season roster . So basically unless the team decides to re-sign him at a later date then technically he would be considered a FA . Players who finish the season on a teams PR are not considered under contract to that team any longer when the season is officially over . The players are officially released and the team has the option of re-signing them to a contract for the upcoming season and placing them on their off season roster or letting them go outright . The team has already re-signed a number of players who finished the season on the PR such as Everton Williams , Ryan Mueller , Kay Okafor and Braden Schram as well as DJ May and Dane Evans who were both here during the period when the PR was allowed to expand by 5 extra players from 10 to 15 . Not to say that Scheurerman or others that finished the season on the PR won't be eventually re-signed this off season but currently he along with Kavell Conner , Osagie O'Diase , LaMar Holmes , Jamal Robinson and Casey Blaser are all not listed on the teams current roster and all at the moment are technically FA's who are free to sign with whoever might be interested in securing their services for next season .

3 weeks after schmenger started this thread, it's certainly starting to look like it wasn't their hands that "T & A" were sitting on, but rather a stack of media releases. It's not the first time the club has been slow to the gate getting out encouraging news for the next season and it seems, perhaps, to be their annual plan to fly below the media radar through December and the holidays.

However, when you look, today, at what's now been made public, even though Masoli is the only one of our 17-19 potential F.A.s announced as re-signed, the accomplishments are looking pretty good.

They extended Revenberg through 2020, re-signed 4 P.R. players to new 2-year deals, re-signed '17 draft pick Scarfone after he played another year @ Guelph, signed 4 of the Internationals who were brought up for tryouts during the extended practice roster month, signed a promising young undrafted Canada-West All-Star National DL, got good value in trading Collaros out of the division, now hold a quarter of the first 20 picks in this year's draft, and locked up their, about to be free-agent, starting QB for 2 more seasons.

And, the list of players they've chosen to run 2017 hi-lite packages for, I think, probably indicates that pending F.A.s Banks, Dean, Tasker, Capicciotti, and even current F.A. Scheuerman are names that may also be on those sat-on pages.

They probably HAD to wait until now to announce signings, as, IIRC, anyone signed in 2017 would go against 2017's salary cap.

I thought it was just up-front bonus money paid out in 2017 that would count against the 2017 cap. That's why I was hoping to hear about more signings last month. If we had cap space left from last season, we could have used it to lock up players for 2018 with less $ going towards the 2018 cap.

I think it's just any signing bonuses that would count against the cap - not all of the salary - but it is true that re-signing players in December does have cap implications for that calendar year. My guess is that bonuses paid to Masoli (probably planned if he needed to start because of injury to Collaros NOT because JJ left Zach on the bench) messed up any cap space that they might have hoped to have. Some of the moves that the team made in December might not have been high-profile but we're certainly key to possible future success - especially locking in national depth.
However now that the new year has arrived the deals of bigger key free agents should begin to pile up - as they have already.

That's precisely why CJ Gable was traded last year. They needed to dump the remainder of his $90K contract in order to have the cap space necessary for Masoli's bonuses.

While other teams “load up” once again the Tiger Cats appear to be stuck in neutral. Looks like they are waiting on Manzeil before anyone else of any substance is resigned. I may be wrong but we all know what happened last year in the off season, nothing. Looks like the Arblows want to the “team” in the east along with the two colours.

There’s still 4 weeks to FA and Manziel self imposed deadline is two weeks. Once they know his intentions it may cause a cascade effect. I’m not worried. I’m sure they’ll let you know when it’s appropriate.

I’m sure other players are signed and they’re not going to “announce” until a few days before FA.

The "crickets" are driving me nuts. I hope the team will be a "Contender " and not a "Pretender".