Why are Tillman and Austin sitting on their hands!

Is it just me or are the Tiger Cats sitting on their hands when it comes to signing their pending free agents? If they expect to fill the seats quality players need to be extended.

Its just you.

Maybe they are having a hard time re-signing players because it is a well known fact that
every Ti-Cat player that leaves to play for another team instantly becomes a League All Star and will win multiple Championships.
What incentive could they possibly have to re-sign with the TiCats! :o :o :o

Maybe they are having a hard time re-signing players because it is a well known fact that
every Ti-Cat player that leaves to play for another team instantly becomes a League All Star and will win multiple Championships.
What incentive could they possibly have to re-sign with the TiCats!

If that is the reason why would they sign here in the first place? The early bird gets the worm. I am guessing they are trying to find Collaros a new home and that hefty contract. This certainly doesn't stop them from signing extensions to the other players. Management has certainly had a very bad year with a lot of their so called football decisions. At the very least give the season ticket holders and the fans something to get excited about.

Some players like to test the market, its their right they have bargained for.
You're the first guy to kill Austin for overpaying people but one of the ways to re-sign people just weeks after the grey cup is to make them an offer worth skipping free agency for.
Offer Masoli 500k and see how quickly he signs - otherwise wait until closer to Feb to destroy management for not being active.

I know why...It is damn cold out there. I was sitting on my hands earlier today too.

Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t!

Maybe it's because Kent Austin has one foot out the door?

I am wondering if they are doing anything at all . Other teams are signing players daily . Trevor Harris is back with Ottawa, Argos nabbed franklin in a trade, bc re-signed arceneaux and traded chris williams for de knapton, WPG re-signed Bryant and the esks re-signed Gable.
We need to act on our free agents and make a move on Collaros and decide on Masoli
I think Montreal is the only team now that could be interested in Collaros .

Anyone know if they are currently working on signing players or making trades ?

I know they signed a bunch of practice roster guys last week so they so have a pulse but they need
get down to business on key free agents and a trade ( collaros) ( manziel)

We go through this every freaking year. News will come out in due time. I can’t understand why this thread even appears EVERY FREAKING YEAR. OMG people...chill the he(( out! I don’t believe any signings or announcement of signings will change anyone’s mind about renewing their tickets.
This is just another thread to complain and whine about this organization.

Don’t really care who they sign if we win. Nobody on these boards knows anything about any negotiations that are going on.

Did I say....CHILL OUT?:v:???

Judging from your remarks about Manzeil you would complain if he was signed. You take every opportunity to cheap shot Manzeil and I take shots at Austin. Sounds like we both have an axe to grind.

They seem to like the multiple signings splash. Maybe they're waiting for that also God forbid you should have a different opinion than another poster on a forum site.50 lashes!

Just spitballing this, but it is a contract year in 2019, there could very well be a strike.
The League has already stated that all preseason bonuses due in 2019 will not be honoured until a contract is signed.
This could make negotiations a little more complicated as the structure of their contracts will be different than the normal Bonus Structure of bigger contracts.

Patience grasshopper. You have no idea of what may already be done. As much as our interest for news is strong, the team has to consider timing to deal withticket sales, or as in the past, a timely continuous release of signing information to keep the team in the news.

Well, it's not like a group of players went to the media and said they weren't going to sign if Austin was still there. Oh...wait...

Didn't Edwards also report June Jones wouldn't sign if austin was back?Does he report for CNN? Fake news!

What does it matter, whoever they sign will end up on the 6 game during training camp or opening week. Oh wait, they do yoga now so never mind.

It would be a lot easier to relax if this didn't resemble last year so much. As I recall it, other teams were re-signing their veterans while we were not, then a bunch of them bolted, and we were not able to land any free agents other than Kanneh. And then we did not have the personnel to compete with other teams.

I'm no marketing guru, but my advice to the Cats would certainly be to publicize it if they've re-signed some top players, rather than waiting until after Christmas or whenever.

Key factor is how close the TiCats were to the cap this year. If they re-sign/extend guys NOW, it hits the 2017 cap. They very well might not have much room to do anything in December.

Signing all those PR players as well as others would all be small #'s/close to league minimum. I imagine the TiCats are using any space that they may have & securing those guys for 2018 so that they don't go elsewhere. (The PR players are truly FA's right now as their PR contracts have already expired. They don't have to wait until Feb 14th)

I'm not 100% sure on the very fine details, but IIRC, if it's an extension made in 2017 for 2018, it's the difference that goes to the 2017 cap.

Also, remember that they really don't have to do anything until FA begins on Feb 14th. They retain their rights. No one else can talk to or negotiate with them.

Personally, I would use what money is available from the 2017 cap to secure guys who are FA's RIGHT NOW! Then if you have any more $'s, extend a priority guy as long as you have the money to do so.

MTL, TOR & SSK haven't re-signed or extended any players as of yet either. So including HAM, that's 4 or 9 teams "sitting" on their hands. HAM isn't the only one.

I thought they would have some leftover 2017 cap space when they traded Chick for picks and then moved Gable for 2 neg listers.
However, Masoli probably had some unexpected bonuses made that need to be addressed and they did bring in Chambers late in the season.
Only Tillman knows for sure