Why are there fewer TD passes in the CFL than the NFL

Recent history being excluded, the CFL used to be seen as a pass happy league where points were more common.
The following stats show that points in the CFL come from kickers and not from TDs. The CFL had two games on Saturday.. The winning teams had 18 points and 15 points from field goals.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_gridiron_football_quarterbacks_passing_statistics]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_gr ... statistics[/url]

I think in general, the scoring in the CFL is at least partially due to a concerted effort to get the officials more involved with the games. The over abundance of flags has disrupted the flow of the games, in my opinion.

I would agree with the above statement for the most part, but at the same time calls in the NFL are way up to.

One point is that that the NFL has put focus on calling defensive fouls. The one key one they talk about is defensive holding, which is up pushing 3 fold already this year, essentially the CFL's illegal contact. These changes have been made in an expressed effort to create more scoring. In other words, the NFL has reccognized that their game is changing and that more people are liking the offensive games than the deffensive games.

The CFl has a new head of officiating who is trying to take a hard stance. That hard stance is getting very strict on chippy play and player safety. It can be painful at times, but it is for long-term gain. While many have pointed at expansion dilution as a key factor, I don't put too much into that myself, though it would be a factor to some level. I think, like others have said, is that teams are putting their best resources on D right now, and it is taking the Os a lot to overcome that.

The game is called FOOTball aferall and field goals combined with field positioning should be a very important aspect of the game in my opinion. Hey, every football fan everywhere loves to see aerial td's even fans that at one time said the CFL had too many aerial td's. :wink:

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Good teams dont take penalties.

Good teams bite their tongues when telling the truth would hit them in the pocket book.

Ive noticed defence got stronger in the cfl, ive watched pretty much every single cfl game and defence seems way stronger this year.

NFL changed their rules. Go back five to ten years and most nfl gsmes were like 21-7 or 10-3 many games without a td until they change certain rules and has pretty much removed defence altogether in the nfl

I think receivers are so much better in the NFL now as well combined with the stiffer PI rules, qb's seem to toss it up for grabs more without the receiver really open.

Don't get me wrong, I am a staunch and diehard supporter of the CFL. But I firmly believe the main reason why more TD passes are scored in the NFL is superior quarterbacking.

All the top QBs in the NFL are healthy, a good chunk of the QBs in the CFL this year have been hurt.

Calgary - Bo Levi - missed time
Edmonton - Mike Reilly - missed time
Saskatchewan - Durant - done for the year
BC - Lulay - hurt all year
Winnipeg - Willy - missed time

Montreal - Troy Smith - missed time (also terrible)
Hamilton - Collaros - missed time
Ottawa - Burris - healthy
Toronto - Ray - healthy

2 out of the 9 starters have played every game. Argos have a very banged up receiving corps, Ottawa just has a very poor one.

What rules were changed?