Why Are The Stampeders And Washington Capitals So Similar ?


I just want to say thanks to SILVERTHORN2500 and all participants for the hilarious and entertaining banter in the Stamps Pats thread.

Serious guys, that was a real kick.

Yet it got me thinking. Stamps are not the only dominant regular season team to fail to cap off a season without winning Cups.

I only watch HNL hockey up to when my Washington Capitals are out.
That is the first or second round.

For those of you who follow hockey give me your takes.
BTW, I do not follow the regular season. Just way to long with 80 games that drag into June.

I think it is Ovie, puts to much pressure on himself.
It is almost like he feels he has to carry the team.

Where that Crosby kid seems to thrive.

At this point the Caps should be like the Islanders , Oilers , and Penquins.
Just a trophy case full of rings and cups.


How did you get to 2017 ? Last I saw you Jenny and Alana dropped you off in the year 5 million BC.

Yes , I know where you got your name. Very cool series.

When you stated that you only watch the NHL until your Capitals are out, does this mean you only enjoy watching your Caps playing and/or winning, and that you don’t enjoy watching NHL hockey otherwise?

I’ve always been fascinated by this type of sports fan mentality, and cannot understand it. Can you explain what makes you dislike the NHL after the Caps bow out?

My sister in law and my daughter are like this. Huge fans of their team. Yet could care less about any of the other games or teams that form the world their team plays in. They say they like the excitement of their team playing and winning, but are bored by the details of the game in general. It’s an interesting take on sports.

NHL. Too many games. Too many teams. Too many players that should not be playing in the NHL... I used to be an avid fan, watched every game I could, knew all the players. With the watering down of the league, I lost interest. I could give you my reason that I think Wash tanks every year but in this situation we have here I would probably just get deleted, AGAIN ! PM me and we can talk like adults.

Washington Capitals always seem to be heavily favoured and might be overconfident? They never seem to play a full 60 minute game in the playoffs and always seem to bump into the Penguins - who do. Lack of true leadership likely a cause as well. Ovy plays great and can inspire some players, but he’s not a true vocal leader that can rally a team consistently. That’s not a slight, that’s just his personality. He’s more of a lead by example guy and some teams need more than that. My two cents anyways

Personally I think Dickenson is still in "player mold" rather than coaches mold. I think he's in competition too much with BLM and others. He needs to grow as a coach. He's trying to show he's the smartest guy in the room far too much.
That said...they COMPLETELY outplayed TO in the GC and lost on two fluke plays in ridiculous weather.

TO had 9-9 record in an unbelievably weak conference. They advanced to GC playing one playoff game against a crossover western team playing it's second consecutive road game in the East.

...that is a very good analysis...I too think DD has some growth ahead of him as a coach...he has the smarts but needs to mature into the role more...perhaps he is still too close to his playing days that the passion of being "in the game" as opposed to being "near the game" negatively affects him...

Stamps have outplayed every team in the league consistently all regular season long for the past number of years. But the Argos GC victory in snowy Ottawa was a victory earned by the Argos executing more plays when needed - to win. Smart, sound football when it counts. Same thing in 2016 with the Red Blacks GC win.

I really don't see the similarity between the Caps and Stamps...the Caps haven't won a championsip, Calgary has 7, with 2 fairly recent championships... 2015 and 2008, even if you back to the year 2000 you can add a third from 2001, with 3 other GC appearances. Meanwhile the Caps in that same time period haven't even made it to the conference finals, their only SC final appearance was 97-98, where they lost to the Red Wings in a sweep. This isn't really a good comparison. Like I said in the other thread, Calgary resembles the Bills more than any other pro franchise.

I have been getting like that more and more.
And I am sure my reasons are different than others. And I have different reasons for different sports.
But a big one is when you don't feel a connection to the teams that are playing it becomes easier to get distracted in this busy world

That is right Iconic.

I was a huge NHL fan in the 70's - mid 90's.

Like DAN, the season is to long and to many teams that has watered it down.

I am an Ovie fan and will watch hockey when the play-offs start.

I will follow my Caps that TSN does like to focus on.

I will follow them until they are eliminated in the first or second round when Sid the Kid schools them.

Here is the thing SAMBO,
I really was not comparing them.

The whole thing was a tongue in cheek mocking of the Stamps/ Pats thread.
I was a bit shocked that some tore into SILVER they way they did.

He would have been better off with a thread of HOW DO SOME REGULAR SEASON GREAT TEAMS WIN

Or something like that.
That way it would have had a rational breakdown. Regardless of sport or league.


I was 100 % sure Stamps would win easy.
I got real scared and concerned with an interview with BLM when he said " I want 10 rings "
I thought to myself " BLM, pump the breaks, just worry about this one.

Perhaps that is part of the problem. They think it will be easy.
I promise during the Esks dynasty Wilkinson and Moon never thought, lets get 5 in a row.
They just worry about the one at hand.

True champions don’t talk about ‘being a dynasty’ or ‘when we’re a dynasty’ - I believe simply because they’re generally busy building one. For them, it’s the journey.

For others, it’s a thing that they think will automatically land on them one day.

That is a very good astute point ICONIC.

Thanks. Even a blind chicken will eventually find a kernel of corn, lol

Don’t under estimate the power of favourable officiating either… a certain team got that in spades the last post season.

and the other team got clubbed

Who are you talking about, Sambo ? I am not doubting what you say but I don't know which team you mean.


Bingo, my man !