Why are the olympic medals so damn ugly?

Was this wierd design supposed to be cool or something? It's terrible!

Tim Horton design looks appealing! Dam I need a kruler and a triple triple!

Better than Albertville....in my book when you win a gold medal it should actually be a gold medal (throughout). Albertville if i remember correctly used crystal for the main inside with only gold, silver or bronze rims around them. couldn't tell who won what on TV...who won gold? Silver? they were all see thru!...at these ones are gold, hole and scarf included or not.

A medals a medal. I dont think theres anything wrong with them. They look fine. Its just a new design.

true it doesnt diminish all the hard work that goes into earning one. Im assuming the same old same old look got boring decades ago.

These medals look like they were designed by a politically correct committee.

the medals look like donuts, mmmmmmm! :lol:

I think they are supposed to look like a Roman disk something.

MMMM donuts .....

they arent that ugly .....

they look like the first batch of two-nnies....remember when the middle would fall out...lol

A french reporter was saying that for the Summer Olympics, the medals have to be done a certain way (standard) & approuved by the IOC.

As for Winter Olympics, the medals "creation" is basically left to the event organizer, with "no-standard"...by IOC still keeps an eye on the "shape".

Thats why the WInter Olympics medals are usually a bit unusual.

Maybe Tim Hortons will sign on as an Olympic sponsor in Vancouver for 2010!

This Gold medal, brought to you by Tim Hortons.....And if you win two events they can call it a double double!

They look like big washers. They should be giving nuts and bolts with them. :lol:

I wonder if they can stick the medals into a CD player and play the national anthem.

Great Idea Lionbacker...How about putting the winning athletes National anthem on the Gold medals!!! :wink:

how about the gold merals for Vancouver be Maple Leafs?

You mean "maple leaves"? The only reason I correct you here is that "Maple Leafs" refers to an NHL team, based in Toronto.

As for the current medals, a creative person could come up with some clever uses for that hole. :wink:

You know, in the ancient Olympics they never received medals. The winner of an event would receive nothing but a crown of laurel leaves. However, he would return to his homeland, and be treated like a king for the rest of his life. For those who came in second, there was no prize, only shame and disgrace. His family would disown him, and he'd be spat on and treated like last week's garbage. Most never returned home, and many committed suicide.

I'd take a silver medal over that, even if there is a big hole in the middle. :smiley:

No Kanga...for Vancouver, they could be rain clouds! :wink:

Cannibis leafs for medals and instead of flowers on the podium, a bag of marijuana.

Yeah, that's the way to go, after all, it doesn't enhance your performance, although the IOC would bet to differ.