why are the moderators cowards

Why delete my challenge to bet Bob/

Actually, I was wondering the very same thing.

While I think you might have been over reacting a tad, I didn't think that there was anything wrong with your post, per se. In my opinion, it shouldn't have been deleted.

Not the first time the mods overreacted

not the first time fairweather fans overreacted either!!

I missed it, what was it? same one as on the fifth quarter? I liked that one.

Everyone who's upset at losing every game is a fairweather fan? Yikes what low standards you must have

It was exactly the same. Verbatim.

No.. just the ones who threaten to sell their season tickets to the neighbour's dog, boycott a game, or bet Bob 20 bucks the lights are orange, and who think Maas is the ONLY reason the Cat's lose a game!

Those are your words. Why would you attribute them to someone else?

actually, Maas is only the main reason they are losing and they arent losing 'a' game, they are losing every game.

Because it was implyed that complaining about losing means you are a fairweather fan by halfthedistance.

Is the penalty problem Maas’ fault?

What about Winnipeg’s 78% pass completion rate tonight? How is that his fault?

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And WHERE did you see this implication blueboy?

But he didn't say that, nor did he imply it.

You did.

Right here

The defence kept the game close for 3 quarters and gave maas a chance to win. When faced with that task maas failed and when an important drive was needed in the waining moments to tie it was MAAS who himself took the stupid penalty, selfish act. You cannot kick for all your points and win games and if you do that and are in the game with under 10 minutes to go, against the first placed team on the road…it means your defence did their job. They held maas in it and gave him a chance to win it in the end. He couldnt do it and lost his cool in the process, and his job.

I'm lokking for the words "complaing about losing"

The only place I find that is here:






Need I go on??

You are correct. That was not a quote. The implication however is quite clear