Why are the CFL's website admin's so lazy and inaccurate?

I had to laugh when the CFL's website held a recent poll about the best player's in preseason. They listed two Lions, with both of their names miss-spelt...with both of K. Antolin's names being wrong (they called him Paolo Antolini instead of Keola Antolin.) Duh, the names of all CFL players should be put in a database...and spell-checked before anything is posted on the league's website.

There are 9 teams in the CFL now, so why are the RedBlacks not listed in the Radio Broadcast information and half the links to the other team's radio websites don't work? (...the listings have not been updated for a year or two.) Duh.

Why are the team stats so screwed up? The 2011 Lions stats only go to August, then stop. It's been like that for a couple year's, despite me emailing them with a list of errors and omissions, which they just ignore and refuse to correct?

It's also annoying that they deleted all player stats prior to 2005, two years ago. Why they did that I do not know. To save hard-drive space?

Are the league website "administrators" really that incompetent, stupid or do they just not care? If they're really "trying their best", that's obviously not good enough for a supposedly professional league. :roll:

Don't know about the missing stats, but I have to agree about the spelling mistakes.
Waaaayyyyyy too many.
And missing words in a sentence as well.

Not impressive at all for a league website. :thdn: