Why are the Bombers so terrible on special teams

Bombers cant tackle kick or
cover on special teams

Been our weak point for as long as Grant has been out

Doesn’t help that most of our best STers have been out for most of the year


I am not talking about our return. Bomber kick coverage is terrible teams are always starting on the 40 or better when bombers kick off.

Miller, Hansen, Gauthier, Burtenshaw…Like I said, our top ST warriors have been out most of the year


Mike O’Shea has also modified the ST kick coverage. He mentioned it in an older Coach’s podcast on CJOB. They’ve been using the same schemes for the last 6-8 years and figured other teams were figuring them out.

Too bad this new scheme is not that good without their prime ST players.

That’s what did our Special Teams in alright. Too many ST stars in the IR. At least one team is going to be very surprised when we get them all back for the playoffs.