Why Are The Alouettes not Winning?

This year with an improved defense it appeared the Als could be on a roll but the team has suffered four straight losses-one has to ask why?The offense has stumbled and the answer to the above noted question must be with the offensive team. Calvillo can still throw. QB is the same as last year and this position indeed might have improved with new second string QB’s.The offensive line is equal to the strength showed last year.THen what is the reason[s] for the regression?THe receivers were slow to develop this year yet Watkins and Oneil Wilson played excellent games tonight.THe answer to the question re the decline of the offensive team was clear tonight when Edwards fumbled at the goal line at the start of the second half of play.The Als are playing without Hec Lapointe in the backfield!Lapointe does not have the strength of EDwards but he is faster and gets to the hole quicker than Edwards.Edwards has been tackled in the backfield many times this year and the line is opening holes for him but he lacks the speed of Lapointe to get through the holes.REmember last year when Edwards was injured and the team was struggling,Lapointe had the backfield all to himself and the Als won the East and played a flawless offensive game in the Grey Cup loss.For some reason Lapointe lost the starting runningback position this year and Edwards has demonstrated that he lacks the speed of Lapointe.The QB is the same,the offensive line is the same but this year the Als do not have Lapointe in the backfield and miss his speed in getting to the line quicker than does Edwards.Lets get back to Lapointe.The Als need his quickness and his ability to hang on to the ball.

Maybe we should of let the Pee-Wee football teams playing the pre-game and half time show play instead of the Alouettes. Cause tonight was brutal.

Could it be that the Al's are running the same offence they did last year, and now that their opponents have recognized it, are going into the same tail-spin the Leos went through last year?

Unlucky schedule of tough opponents, multiple injuries and team errors are probable reasons why Montreal is losing now. In 2005, BC faced similar problems. Sometimes, breaking out of a slump is difficult.

The problem doesnt stem from edwards. I was at hte game for most of it until I just got so fed up with the team i left.

The problem on offense is that we are running the same 4 plays over and over again. We got hte run up the middle, pass to cahoon for 10-12 yards, 6-8 yard pass to watkins on the outside, and a short pass to anderson on the outside. This game Calvillo threw the ball more than 20 yards one time, missed and never did it again. Watkin's big gain was him catching a 10 yard pass and beating the cover man. The holes would be there for the run if the threat of a deep pass after a playaction fake was there.

Whats worse is that there are receivers that are capable of running deep routes but the als recceivers were never even sent on deep routes besides that one play. Stala and Watkins can be deep threats, terrence edwards can be a deep threat as well. Anderson should be cut, plain and simple it is very obvious that Calvillo does not trust him to run deep routes and keep up with the ball and shows very little effort after catching the ball. The offense needs to get away from the basics and get the opponents thinking about where the ball will be going.

The problem with the Edwards is that they are not running screens and they are not giving him any runs to the outside every run tonight was between the tackles it is very easy to stop someone that is always going ot hte same place.

As for the defence they seemed completely lost without strickland there. Strickland is clearly the guy that runs that defence, not jones and jones should be shown the door as a result. The defence tonight I think forced 1 punt maybe 2. It seemed like almost every drive the lions had went at least close enough for a field goal. In a nutshell the problem with the defence is the same problem the offence has. they run the same 2 plays all the time either a zone with the linebackers all back or man coverage with the linebackers and DBs in coverage and all the time 4 people rushing the QB.

Also I remmeber once upon a time when the als ran trick plays like cahoon running on field goals, or surprise onside kicks, or direct snaps on punts.

As strange as this sounds they need to get away from the basics and find their own style of football so that teams dont rip them to shreds

i've always said the als run the same 4-5 plays over and over, ( short passes to the outside, up the middle to cahoon, calvillo short scramble or hand-off for a run ) and could never figure out why defences couldnt recognize this...

it seems they finally have.

My belief is that the Als benefitted from a soft schedule to start off the year. They played the Cats 3 times, Winnipeg twice, an unusually poor Eskimo team and an Argo team without Damon. Once they started playing better teams, such as the Stamps, Lions and an Argos team with a healthy Allen, you see they are not that good of a football team. They barely beat the Cats in one of those games, where they could get away with the mistakes they were making, and the mistakes they are not getting away with now. I dont think the receiving core is that great, and it is showing on the field.

I agree that Lapointe is better than Edwards, but to hang this entire losing streak on him is ridiculous. In all honesty AC's throws have looked a bit wobbly lately. I think he may be having some trouble with his throwing mechanics as he certainly hasn't been on his usual sync with his receivers.

..i agree with the above post....although they missed Stickland...Calvillo looks to be off his game...a total lack of intensity seems to be apppearing...which is something i thought i would never see from a Matthews team....they better get it together in 2 weeks ..when they have to play the leos again...or the Bombers and Argos will be eyeing the first place rung...if they are successful this weekend... :rockin:

The Defence does look lost on the field without Strickland, also, you got to take into consideration that they battle fatigue, because the Offence is on and off the field in a matter of 30 seconds, not leaving any period of rest for the Defence. Although last night, they couldn't stop anything.

Offensively, they need a player like Jeremaine Copeland. Some guy who shows some emotion after a nice play, and celebrates after a nice play, just to give these guys some sparks. Looking at the Offensive players, they are all serious and don't look like their having fun at all.

I think, we need a playmaker, to get them going and get them pumped, that's why I think the loss of Ezra Landry is a big deal to them, and is a HUGE loss.

Hopefully, Don Matthews can turn it around in the next few weeks

Isnt Marcel Bellfool ur offensive coordinator now :wink: ? That just might be the problem with the predictable offense. Just a suggestion on what the prob might be but maybe its just they dont have a true deep threat. There really shouldnt bea problem because IMO Calvillo is the best QB in the league when he is on.

He’s not hte offensive coordinator but he is the receivers coach. It was jsut supposed to be a token position for a french canadian but now all the receivers except for Cahoon and Watkins are useless.

Both the offense and the defence need to start getting away from the basics and start trying to confuse opponents

All three games versus Hamilton were close, for the Als. It will be interesting to see the results of a fifth straight loss. Even Hamilton hasn't lost five straight this year...yet. We prefer to lose four-game bunches. It seems every year the Als start strong and then start to fade when they have so much better ratings than everyone else. Except last year. Maybe with more total desperation, that's why they made it to the Grey Cup?

Exactly this is an emotional game. The Als since the Stamps beat them have lost their spark. Last nights gmae they were going through the motions no fire whats so ever. It was like ok I showed up thats get this over with. Instead of I am going to kick your butt out of our field.

The problem with that excuse is the fact they were undefeated up until the Stamps beat them. It is like the iar has been let out of the tires of the race car. Marcel ran this offense and it looked unbeatable so I do not believe that is the problem.

Mada7 you are onto something here. If you remember Montreal would not play well in the first half and in the second half they would come out and take control of the game. Half time adjustments were made and usually worked. Now since their first loss. They do not seem to be making these adjustments,

Too may changes on defense IMO. Rookies cost you sooner or later.

Yes but the problem really is with the offense as well. They need to shake it up to send the message that this team needs to perform. They really look like they were not trying when they played BC. It is like they accepted the loss before the 1st quarter. The Don had better do something, Ro and the boys are getting restless!

DoubleBlue: I agree completely. The overlooked element in all this is the fact that defensively, the Als have been in a nearly-constant state of upheaval since the beginning of 2005. Things looked stable enough in the early part of this season, but now we now that was just because of the poor level of competition the Als were playing.

The play of the front 7 has been very disappointing the past 4 weeks, as Calgary, Toronto, and B.C. have run the ball fairly easily. Adding Belli didn't help much against B.C., and the loss of Strickland takes away their most consistent guy. The pass rush is minimal: the ends who play opposite Anwar Stewart (Truluck, Acholonu, and Bowman) have combined for a total of only 4 sacks in 11 games.

In the back end, Sanchez and Crutchfield have been solid. But during the 4 game slump, their halfbacks have just been simply abused by some of the best slotbacks in the league (Simon, Copeland, Bruce). They started two rookies, Kent and Cox, against B.C., and neither played well. They demoted Ricky Bell from the starting lineup to send a message, but, in my opinion, they have to re-insert him, because the other two are just too green.

One last comment. Richard Karikari might have good range in pass coverage, but he frequently takes really poor tackling angles, and that showed on the long Geroy Simon TD.

Personnally, I've never seen the Als offensive line play as poorly as they did last Friday. The Als' problems seems like the egg/chicken thing. People are giving up because their teammates are giving up. It's like they all think "Why would I bust my ass for this team when nobody else is?"

You could totally see that when Edwards fumbled the ball on the one yard line. The defense crumbled right after that play. It took 20 seconds or so for the Lions to get a major following the fumble.