Why are some so obsessed with pre-1985 logo?

I HATE that logo with a PASSION! It looked stale and dated then, and only looks even more so 30 years later! To me, it represents an era where mediocrity and failure were apparently acceptable, as evidenced by missing the playoffs 15 years in a row. Even in more successful years, despite several Grey Cup appearances, we only won it once in that time. That logo needs to be permanently scrapped!

I personally like it.

I like the new logo released today as well...that inner border and grey stripes are gone...which makes it a much cleaner logo. The Grey really no longer represented the Rider marketing, so it was a good move. The S is also modestly different, but I like the curve a bit better.

I agree about the newest logo. Subtle changes that do improve on the previous one.

I like the pre-85 Logo - Watching the Riders play back then at Old Empire Stadium during the late 60's was awesome. Getting Jack Abendschan's autograph around the 30 yard line on that grass field was stunning.

This reminded me to actually update the logo at the top of the forum. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help, Sully! :smiley:

I completely agree. As a die hard Rider fan I find that pre-85 logo probably one of the ugliest and unappealing logo's found on any sports team. That "S" just looks so damn sloppy.

I find the current logo and uniforms terribly uninspiring.

The Riders never looked better than 1985. Those unis were sleek, crisp and sharp. The silver looked amazing and the helmet wrap was unique and matched the sleeves.

Now everything is just meh. It's green, it's white, it has an 'S' on it, I guess.

If you like the pre-1985 logo probably associate it with the Lancaster Era. If you dislike it, you probably associate it with pre and post Ron Lancaster seasons. It's like a Rorschach Test for Rider fans. :slight_smile:

I think it's matter of choice. We can't predict people's mindset!

I never liked the old logo, new one rocks

New one sucks! Anything from the eighties, most notably fashion, including logos, sucked!

Didn't want to start a new thread...just have to say how I love this :lol:



I have some tiny tunes Rider Ts somewhere.