Why Are So Many Players Loosing Helmets On The Field?

It's been a theme all season so far but yet again after almost every play somebody is picking up a helmet.

Why is easy - Acheampong from Toronto lost his bucket every play he was involved in and put it back on without ever undoing or doing up the chin strap.

Considering the unfortunate incident with Philpot in the early game you would think guys would be more careful but - the young are invulnerable until they get hurt badly.

Should the league step in and do like they did a few years ago and start fining guys whose lids come off all the time?


what is more annoying to me is how much players keep slipping on the turf. Either the CFL mandates better turf, or they need to come up with better footwear.

Helmets and shoes, Helmets and shoe. Gotta get me new helmets and shoes. ruff

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Most stadiums use FieldTurf. It's a lot better than the Astroturf most stadiums had in the70's and 80's. Players would get bloody abrasion, sore knees and back from running on that shit. Astroturf was basically a thin carpet over concrete

As Spike Lee said in the Michael Jordan Nike ad back in the day, "It must be the shoes!"

most I noticed it was at BMO, so there is that

BMO is grass. Is there some reason they can't or don't use spikes? Or does it tear up the field too much for the soccer ballerinas?

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The grass provides a cushion when the soccer players dive and fake injuries

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But the helmet thing is disturbing. Philpot was out cold literally on his feet. Those are the ones that cause problems down the road.

We did get to where helmets rarely came off and we have had Collaros and Harris leave games because helmets coming off lead to concussion protocol at key points in games....

No doubt some players arent doing up the chin strap properly or tight enough. I did notice Tyson Philpot on tik tok not long after the game so seems he may of got lucky since would think if concussion was bad he wouldnt be on his phone

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That should be "losing' helmets

From watching the games last night, many times I saw players pull their helmets on and head onto the field - didn't touch any straps. Looked like they had adjusted the chin straps so that they could just put the helmet on and pull it off with ease - not having to touch any straps. The CFL needs to address this, because it's a health and safety issue. You used to see players putting their helmets on and snapping up the straps before going on to the field Don't know why teams are so lax now, you'd think that the coaching staff would want to make sure their players have as little chance as possible to get any kind of concussion.
Really strange......and STUPID!

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They could fine them but handing out penalties would probably have more immediate impact. That was talked about briefly in the Toronto/Winnipeg game when Andrew Harris had his helmet come off 6-7 times. He clearly wasn’t doing up his straps. Helmets are going to come off once in a while if you get hit like Philpot was. That shouldn’t be a concern as it is unavoidable. Not doing up your chinstrap should be a penalty every time it is noticed, whether the helmet comes off or not. A repeat offense in the same game could also attract an automatic fine in addition to another penalty. Penalties could start at 10 yards and increase by 5 for every subsequent same game offence. The CFL spotter could assist as well. Right now it appears that nothing is being done about this.

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They just want to get their faces shown on TV.

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A lot of players now seem to have ratchet type straps where you just pull the strap to tighten it and just push a button to release the tension. Its possible they release with impact. If that isnthe case they should have a look at there use.

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Yeah hard hits are bound to make helmets fall off but otherwise they shouldn't . I'm glad to hear directly from tyson Philpot that he is doing better and no doubt the fact he can tolerate light from his phone is a good thing


Still....ask Dunnigan, Crosby, or Favre what they think of guys who expose themselves to concussions and head injuries.....

It's cumulative over a career, a lifetime. Seeing rookies getting knocked silly means they will have a shortened career....and all the problems we see guys like Matt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have with memory. And all the problems we don't see with anger and physical problems, or like the 49 year old NRL coach who decided he couldn't live with it anymore last week,,,,

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At somepoint it should come down to players. They are blantantly not strapping the helmet properly.
Andrew Harris is the worst for this, for years. Every other run the helmet seems to pop off.
Instead of league fines or penalties, go after player insurance. When players realize their poor choices will harm themselves and their pockets they might take notice.


Another possibility: If you lose your helmet, you sit out three plays while your helmet is inspected for defects.


That sounds good.

Do that and add a fine for the team that is donated to mental health for every incident.

probably see a lot more players trying to rip other players helmets off

...which would earn you an objectionable conduct/player misconduct foul and possibly an ejection.....

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