Why are seats not selling for the Stamps - Rider game!

I think in all fairness to the Rider fans is the cost to driving to the games. The costs have gone up considerably to travel to the games and this could be a factor in the low crowds at Rider games.

Those weren’t Irish coffees, were they Piggy? :lol:

As for the Riders fans not snapping up ducats, maybe with the way more decent weather, many fans are tending to their crops more. This should change in the later months with a huge turnaround come Banjo Bowl time. All you need is for Troy to suffer from his annual bout of hoof in mouth and things will be back to normal.

one good game......we have totally dominated in 2 of those and nearly pulled off the other.....when you were expected to start the season 0 - 6....

One good game sorry! :lol:

well i dont know what all the fuss is about :? as the week goes on , more of the [b]Rider Nation[/b] will buy tickets :wink: it will be a good, weather wise + 29 C 8) i predict around 25,000 will show up... just remember its only Calgary :lol:

BGM look under clown you will be suprised what you find there! It will refer to BGM. :lol:


everyone knows that you only get big crowds when a contender comes to town.....

So I guess Labor day they will have hand out a lot of free tickets! :lol:

last week was a stupid time for a game in sask.i live in edmonton.what time would i arrive back in edmonton?stupid time for a game.i would love to go to the game this week but my baby could be here any day.i have already prepared to go to the sask calgary game in calgary.
sask is sask team people in pa would have to much travel time.no sunday night games in sask.ticket sales will be up closer to game time.alot of walk up buyers.

Yep…no way I can get to a game on a Sunday night…not with people in my house having to work for a living…

Why are they picking Sunday night games?

You would have to ask Shivers that question, and who knows what his thinking is, and why would anyone want to even go there? :lol:


I disagree- the team has some input into what days they would like to play and what time to have games. Its always been that way, so Shivers has to shoulder at least some of the blame, IMO.


Sunday night games would be easier for teams that are able to draw decent attendance from within the city they play in, which may be the case in most of the other cities in the league.... however, the Riders typically depend on the whole province, not just Regina. I remember going to games as a kid, but later into my teens and so, there were fewer and fewer games that could be attended due to work and/or school responsibilities.. and that was only from Saskatoon, never mind people coming from further north. Even with a 7 pm start, you can't work until 5 in the toon and make it there without severely breaking speed limits, which can triple the cost of going to a game.

Give them a break, meteorologists are forecasting a rain storm. It might be the same situation that Calgary had their last home game.

What a moronic statement. A rise in travel costs affects only Rider fans. All other fans across the country are immune. I hate to break it to you, but the Riders aren’t the only team who have fans come from out of town. There are a lot more small communities around Edmonton, and fans from those communities find a way to drive in.

Welcome to life. Most people have to work.

I guess going to a game depends on your priorites. What’s a few less hours of sleep when you get a chance to go support your team?

What the team should do is travel around to these communities where all the Rider fans live (since only a handful of Rider fans are actually from Regina) and let each community host a game. I wonder what excuses we’d hear then…