Why are seats not selling for the Stamps - Rider game!

I heard on the news today that they are not even close to 20,000 seats sold for this saturdays game. Hmmmm Hank and Niky may have to give the Riders a pep talk to light a fire under those great fans of the Riders to show up. Or could it be they do not take Calgary seriously any more! :lol: :lol:

...that's not good news red....what's going on.....you guys always fill the park...i didn't like the last attendance at our last home-game either....although it was a holiday weekend...we should however, up it next game against the ALS. :roll:

Yes that is true about the long weekend hurts the gate. We had 29,700 on thursday even with the long weekend that could include friday and monday with the oil patch. So we had not a bad crowd. I am disappointed that the Stamps do not have a game during Stampede. Many Americans come up and would probably take in a game just to see what it is like. Plus it adds more entertainment that week. The Lions have games during PNE and it does not seem to hurt their gate.
The one that is puzzling is Regina. They have had low crowds for the two games they had there so far this year. And it appears this one will not be a good crowd as well. As long as those faithful rider fans make the trek to McManhon stadium that will be good we have to pay our players! Come on Rider fans show up! Put your money up!

In Toronto we have the MOLSON INDY , a closed YONGE ST. and the cottages.The WORLD CUP final is on SUNDAY , thank God , and ITALY is in the final. Toronto has 800, 000 Italians.

My take on this is that a lot of the fans here are taking a wait and see attitude when it come to the Riders. We've been disappointed a lot, and fans are staying away until they see the team win games and on a consistent basis. Its put up or shut up time for Shivers and Barrett.

All attendence and T.V. ratings for ALL CFL teams go up on LABOUR DAY and after.

I agree HT, but if the Riders are .500 or lower come Labour Day, even that game might not be a sellout.

Could be , but lets hope not. :thup:

We were way below .500 last year and had no problem selling out labour day

We have only hosted one game so far this year, unless your including preseason and i will gladly compare preason attendance with you red :stuck_out_tongue:

They are all traveling to Birds Hill for the Folk Festival :o 8)

To quote Doug Brownie, Rider Nation should be changed to Rider Community. LMAO only 18k tickets sold! Wheres this "Nation"?

the riders attendance this year makes the renegades attendance look decent.


Sure you would you did not get teh monsoon on the night of your pre season game like here. Do not get defensive it does not look good on you. The fact is the warm weather games occur now so it is pleasant to get to the games in late June and July for the riders. In August they have one game then comes Labor day and the cooler temperature games occur. So why is it the fans want to wait and see thats what occured to the Stamps when they were a community owned team and this forced them to look for private ownership. I have never seen apathy with Rider fans. So what gives? Sure they maybe ticked over their first game but they played well at home against BC to win. Plus it is Burris coming in what you guys forgave him already. What about the other two ex Riders they get off free no Thurmon Sucks Or Spencer sucks! I am disappointed! :lol:

Bomber fans will help them fill the stadium on Labour Day no doubt.....

Piggy long time before we talk Labor day! :lol:

true but it probably is going to be a showdown between the top teams in the East and West....:slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Your drinking again aren't you!

Brings to mind that Simpsons episode when Cletus' girlfriend was preparing "Alco-hog", eh rw2k5? :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: Very true! :lol: :lol: The Als and the Argos will have something to say about that as well. One good game does not a season make!

As far as the Riders do not know I guess we will have to do like the crowds of fans staying away wait and see!

I cant even blame it on the corn squeezins this time......but perhaps 3 cups of coffee after supper is too much...