Why are posts being deleted?

No, it's not like that at all. I've been through this many times in the open forum. I've recounted my dealings many times.

There have been countless instances here, dozens perhaps hundreds over the past years where the moderators acted unilaterally and have provided ZERO transparency and it has caused more than a few uprisings.

Before this thread gets locked I will make a few comments.

I posted a lengthy comment on the since locked Ro reinstatement thread about what a transparent discipline process might look like. I will not repeat that or link it as it has been discussed. It essentially proposed transparency for any discipline including an explanation. I had hoped that all discipline would be available for everyone to see so that members could know what is unacceptable and the mods would not be subject to the innuendo I constantly read about them doing or not doing something, most of which is uninformed. I have noticed that suspensions (I don’t know if it is all of them) have a notation beside them and a brief explanation. I didn’t think this happened before but I could be wrong.

Unlike some of you apparently I have never had a serious issue with a mod and on the one occasion I questioned something a mod did he was responsive to me via PM and may even have initiated the conversation. I can’t remember that detail. I believe the criticism I have read on this thread and of the mods is unwarranted. I have never found them unresponsive. In particular, the insults against Capital Dave, by far the most active mod, boggle my mind. Maybe if a mod isn’t getting back to you on every single issue it is because they are tired of communicating the same thing to someone who refuses to get it and is constantly posting on the thin line between acceptable and unacceptable.

I too was sorry to see D & P leave. I don’t know why he did but maybe he got tired of herding cats all the time. This is supposed to be entertainment and in my observation some members of this forum take themselves too seriously, especially when someone disagrees with them. Insulting the mods openly and making Nazi references to me is unacceptable.

After the Ro thread discussion I was told that one of the biggest issues with the mods was time and resources. I was told that a request was put in for more mods. There are some new ones, although I would have preferred they had been announced rather than having to discover it via the icon next to their name. I think there should be more mods still. I previously thought that with enough of them that they could rotate in and out, say week to week, and not have to constantly perform a thankless job for no pay without a meaningful break. I don’t know enough about how the site admin works to know how difficult or not it is to recruit and employ mods. Although they aren’t paid (why not?) there must still be software/licensing costs incurred for each mod and perhaps other costs such as the year end all you can eat and drink mod party I am trying to wangle an invite to.

But seriously, I wish that people would just relax a little more often and not expect miracles from members or mods. Perhaps look at your own behaviour once in a while. Not easy to do I know and I constantly have to remind myself to do so as well. The mods aren’t perfect nor should they be immune to criticism, but I am firmly in their camp on this one. I would much rather post about football and hockey and especially UFO’s than regularly participate in threads on how the corrupt mods are doing such a poor job. They are also an easy target as they can’t really respond publicly with a post about a specific member criticizing their shortcomings, nor would we want them to. Lighten up I say.


omg omg some mod deleted my comment, whatever shall i do? get over it. i literally get posts deleted every day. who cares. i like the mods because i know what a thankless job it is and also because they let me rant in PMs at them pretty regularly.


[quote="Jon, post:22, topic:82428"]
...mune to criticism, but I am firmly in their camp on this one. I would much rather post about football and hockey and especially UFO’s than regularly participate in threads on how the corrupt mods are doing such a poor job. They are also an easy target as they can’t really respond publicly with a post about a specific member criticizing their shortcomings, nor would we want them to. Lighten up I say.

EXACTLY... Especially the part about herding cats .. it gets tiring as some cats think they are king cobras or some other animal that they should just be allowed to run amok with no feterments holding them back no matter what they say and do

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You should listen to your own advice

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100%:+1: Jon.
I've had some posts removed and rightly so. I also had a few posts removed (IMO) unjustly, big deal. My words, my thoughts including my ego are not that important. I do not need my words memorialize in perpetuity.
Time to put on your adult diapers and move on to the next topic. Otherwise hold your breath, kick your feet and have a hussy fit.
As far as the mods go, they do a great job. Just say thank you for a change.


Well said. I have had posts removed as well. Mostly as part of a sweep of removals in a thread but sometimes individually. I have also seen topics locked or deleted that I didn’t think should be and didn’t want to see gone. I lost not a wink of sleep over it and moved on.

I also haven’t heard any solutions from the mod criticizers. I am waiting for the army of perfect mods they no doubt have in their back pocket to take over and make this site great again.


Careful here...you are skating on this ice....better keep moving quickly. I once told someone to "get over it" and my post was deleted. That was as verbally abusive as I got, "get over it" and poof it was gone. I didn't get an explanation why but just that the post was deleted.


As a rule, football fans aren't very milquetoast. Many have more testosterone than brains. Damn right we need mods to prevent mayhem from ruling the forums.


Just after I posted and hit reply, I realized the desired outcome has been achieved, a desire to cause a ruckus, people choosing sides and create division.
Well done I say. Now if this post gets locked down one can say, I can't express myself.
The best we can do is stop responding.
I'm out of here.


I question how many people here actually read the post...well not true, its quite easy to see who actually read it

So if a mod deleted a post and you did not know they deleted it....you should be banned for 2 weeks for reposting it?

You would say to yourself....its ok....I deserved it?

Exactly....is it really so unreasonable to want to know who deleted a post and why?
Are the mods worried that its something personal with that poster and others will find out

It worked fine when I was a mod!

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Well that is probably a desired outcome for some. Another motivation I strongly suspect is to whine and say look at me, I’m so hard done by :notes:

To your point I did not engage anyone specifically in my opinion post. I think that was more instinctive than actually thinking it through on the basis you have set out. I even followed my own advice and ignored the trolled response (pats self on back) which entirely missed the point of my post and the fact that I essentially said the same thing.

We wouldn’t have the same level of problems on this forum (and I suspect on any other forum) if members could discuss or even argue civilly with those they don’t see eye to eye with. It would make the jobs of the mods easier too.

I had already planned to follow your lead and sit back as I have said my piece.

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That is not true...I have seen other posters have posts deleted and there was nothing wrong wituh them....but the point remains. why not simply tell the poster why?

Why would you fight against it?
If you feel you know why your post was deleted (Be honest, you should not have posted in the first place) and you are ok with it...fine but there is nothing wrong with telling people why

I used to get upset as such things but now I am learning to just shrug my shoulders and move on

If you are ok with it, then more power to you...but as you can see, some posters would like more transparency.

IMO explaining why a post was deleted is in their(the mods) best interest and would show that they are not doing it simply because they don't like the poster and because they can delete it

And fighting against this as some are doing...is breathtaking.

I am not always ok with everything, I just found it is better for me to remain peaceful and calm. I would have liked to have been able to see what transpired in the Alex thread while I was sleeping, but oh well. Wish there was a football game today

Well sure, its not like I am throwing things around my house in anger. I just see a wrong that needs to be corrected.
Again, this was policy when I was a mod, why it stopped I don't know but IMO it is the best way
People who want to know why will know why
People who don't care why, are not affected

I really would like to know why some people are so against this?
Is wanting to know why a post was deleted so unreasonable?

Imagine a cop pulls you over and hands you a ticket...but does not tell you what the ticket is for....
You would just shrug it off and say oh well?

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