Why are posts being deleted?

I have noticed that quite a few posts have been deleted over the last little while.
The problem is not that they were deleted, is that we don't know why and by whom!

Years ago when I was a mod, we used to replace the post in question with "Mod edit by Fred...reason no politics allowed"

A couple years back I had a post deleted, I did not know it was deleted, I thought i forgot to hit reply ( I do it with texts all the time....why am I not getting an answer...oh because I did not send it)
I reposted it and was banned for 2 weeks for reposting something a mod deleted!!!!!!
Does that seem fair?

Editing out the offending post and explaining by whom and why would stop this problem....and maybe create some feedback as to whether or not it should have been deleted in the first place.


It's kind of like a ref marching off a 10yd. penalty but not telling the team why.


Your team is on the 35 when you go to commercial...come back and they are on the 25 and no explanation

The only time I had a post deleted the mod PMed me & explained the reason. I'm not sure why others would not be afforded the same courtesy, it should be standard.

That would work......but editing in the reason would be faster and easier and everyone would get the message as to what rule was being broken. It would also allow others who disagreed to voice their opinion

Well that's probably precisely what they want to avoid.


I guess,
but they could just dis-allow it

We had a whole blow up, site wide here last spring about this very topic. We were promised transparency. We never got it. They never intended to give it to us. They just promised it to make us shut up so that they could continue in their old ways. No accountability whatsoever. That's the way they like it: full authority and power with zero responsibility. Great gig if you can get it. It is highly disrespectful to the members here and that's just the way that it is. There is no freedom of speech here unless you agree with the admin. I have the PMs to prove this.

The mods of pretty much zero respect for us here. Live with it or start your own forum. We've tried to change it and all we get is 'let them eat cake'. So to hell with 'em.

Yes, this is a standard procedure on any forum but not here. That's too much bother for the mods, and it also requires that they do the job properly because it leaves a record of what the mods do, which leaves them open to scrutiny. They don't want that. They don't want to be questioned ever. It's horribly disrespectful. We've asked for this on many occasions. I've asked for this personally at least 15-20 separate times over the past decade, at best I have been ignored, at worst I've been ridiculed and personally attacked BY MODS, breaking their own rules. Again, it;s a perfect world for the high and mighty, all the authority and power not only to discipline as they see fit but to also cover their own tracks. It's rotten to the goddamn core. The mods here as a group are disgusting. I'm tired of sugar coating it. It gets no where because they don't care. It;s like asking the Nazis to please kindly shutter their gas chambers. They won't even admit that they have gas chambers.

And I won't even get into the politics. Like I said, I have the PMs to prove it.

D&P was the only good mod here. He was the only one who ever gave a s**t.

Capital Dave has NOT ONCE ever returned a PM to me. Oh he loves to come down on me for total bs stuff, but when I msg him to discuss it he NOT ONCE has ever answered. In fact sometimes he even removes himself from the convo without a word. He treats me like crap. He's terrible.

Of course it is. They want to shoot first and cover up all the bullet holes just in case there's a flap legitimate or not. Nothing to see here. They operate like secret police in third world countries. They are ALL complicit, and I can say this because I know more about the matter than they think that I do.

I have some spare coins lying around. . . what's the over/under on how long this thread stays live?

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Well Jack, just 20 mins ago I started a thread wondering where the Alex Jones thread went. I ended it with 'read this while you can because it'll be gone' and true to form, it's gone.

Yes, I got a note saying that my "post" was deleted, when in fact the entire thread disappeared.

Nice. I didn't even get a note.

Well i was the O.P. on that thread so I guess that's the reason.

But I was the starter of THIS one ...

No note. I guess you're more special than I am.

I know that the mods hate my ass. Well my ass has more integrity than the lot of them.

I had an incident the other day that I would rather not post here because I am sure there will be repercussions...

Even this post has me worried

PM me for details

I don't need the details. I believe you because it's happened to me MANY times.

i doubt as bad as this

Not sure how to do that on my phone with your profile hidden...

I have had posts removed I might add for good reason too. Normally I get a message saying it was removed.
As for arguing the fact afterwards :crazy_face: get over yourselves ... You most likely fully know you acted wrong and that was why your post was deleted. Now for arguing the merits of the why and you thinking it was unfair .. the mid just not have enough hours in the day to debate your hurt butt feelings ... You and several other members would do nothing but argue back forth for years over one post if you found someone to debate with..
I have tremendous respect for capital Dave and the other mods ... And again, yes they have deleted a few posts of mine.

Edit not directed at
Eskimo forever my opologies