Why are other teams fans concerned about our stadium?

Just curious because it seems alot of other fans love to come on here and worry about our stadium/final design and so on BUT yet i just came home from a business meeting in CGY and read in the paper that Hamilton and Bob Young are miles apart now and Hamilton Tiger Cats may just end up being the Oshawa Tiger Cats with the 2015 Pan Am games and a new facility being built East of the GTA that would also be home to the "Oshawa" Tiger Cats.

So there you have it, our stadium is being built regardless and your teams are in limbo (Ham/T.O) which is too bad honestly because Hamilton has real CFL tradition and T.O, well i'll stop there but can we honestly get used to the names Oshawa Tiger Cats and Moncton or Halifax Argo's? We might have to sooner rather than later!!

Tuesday called. It wants its news back.

There's going to be a meeting on Tues. to attempt to overturn the ruling on WH (shouldn't be too hard with Goofenberger withholding vital info. to bolster his support for the worst possible stadium site in WH).
Then we have to hope that Bob is willing to accept a new Chedoke proposal.If he does, we're in the money.We get Pan Am, the Cat's stay and everyone but Mayor McCheese is happy.

Anyone, who has a lick of sense in these sort of projects, realizes that they rarely ever come off without a hitch or two.

And with more of them being 'private/public partnerships' you can expect to see the same thing happening no matter where in the country they are going on.

No matter what the 'peanut gallery' is saying now, their turn will come too.

The only difference is, that we will still be here posting, while many of them won't even show their faces around these parts again.

This topic is in the CFL Talk forum, so there is no need for anyone outside the Bomber forum to come here to post.

However, other CFL fans have EVERY right to be concerned about what happens in Winnipeg & Hamilton regarding new stadiums and ownership. What affects one team affects the whole league. It wasn't too long ago that the CFL was in deep financial trouble. Ottawa & Montreal folded, teams were bleeding red ink and commissioner Larry Smith had to resort to U.S. expansion in order to save the CFL from extinction.

The Winnipeg stadium deal sucks on so many levels: lack of planning, shady business practices, questionable financing arrangements, the lack of a roof in a city that has -30 to -40 temperatures in the winter, etc. etcetera.

CFL fans should be concerned. Bomber fans should be concerned enough that they get off their duffs and vote Mayor Katz out of office on Oct. 27, even if that means holding your nose when you're voting for Judy.

Enough about a roof! There is no way in heck that anyone would come up with enough money to pay for a domed stadium. And please don’t bring up Leo Ledohowski’s proposal because it would have never happened - just like the water park near Polo Park never happened - because they don’t have the financing to pull off a $500 million deal (hotel and extras included).

The design Asper and Co. came up with is pretty much what the final design should look like, i am happy with an outdoor stadium because football is meant to be played outdoors and honestly if you love your team you will attend the games at +30 or -30 weather.

A dome in Winnipeg i WOULD NOT have supported, domed stadiums are garbage in my opinion, Rogers Center is a craphole to watch a football game in.

You are absoluttely correct Blood, Ledohowski's design was unrealistic and garbage to begin with (the toilet bowl design), the hotel, waterpark and on and on would have created more delays than Aspers design.

Final point ----- Our stadium is being built and will be ready to go in 2012, done deal!! And to the Fort Richmond crybabys LIVE WITH IT, its happening!! If you cant support your local sports teams and you keep whining about the ``noise`` and traffic that the new stadium will bring to your neighborhood, than MOVE!! Honestly i cant stand you people, seriously the Bombers play 9 games a year and we MAY bring in 2-3 summer concerts a year at the new digs thats a grand total of 9-12 days and nights out of 365, so STOP WHINING ALREADY!!

Having a partial roof can be as bad as a dome in terms of poor air circulation.

Given that this shady stadium deal is likely dead in the water, (Selinger, unelected, doesn't mention the $90M untendered contribution in his throne speech (that would be illegal); Katz plans to illegally misappropriate St. James tax revenues to put towards the Ft. Garry stadium. David Asper is only interested in the $75M to prop up the crumbling Global empire & nobody wants to cover the millions of cost overruns. David will bail on this deal just like his sister Gail did on the Human Rights museum), we need to rethink this project.

http://blackrod.blogspot.com/ (Sept. 8, 2010)

If we build a multiplex with a removable/retractable roof (attach it to that ugly unfinished museum for all I care), we can hold events there 200+ days a year like the MTS Centre does. We can even put a waterpark in there for Sam the Weasel as a going away present (we'll keep the parking lots as payment for his Crocus loan).

I'm being facetious (I think, maybe this could work), but with $500M in deficit spending planned for the next few years, we need to be creative (longterm, low interest loans) & credible investors, if required, who aren't part of Sam's "Top 30 Panhandlers" like Izzy's loser kids.

coming from the annoymous guy sitting in his basement cuz he has nothing better to do than be ultra negative every post he posts on here.. dude, seriously... get a new one. how many times u gonna rehash this crap... its juts sickening to see all ur posts and how negative they are to not only the bombers but wpg, the mayor, the business ppl who are making this city a better place to live.. its just disgusting really.. im truly tired of winnipegers with ur attiude..

u talk tough for sure behind a keyboard and annoynmous identity but.. really, what makes u think ur better than "izzys loser kids".

seriously man, its one thing to be ultra negative every post, its another to knock ppl who are doing good things for the city u apparently cant stand to live in. i have to ask man, if u always whine about the city, if u think u have all the answers, why dont u go get a job and become rich and pay for it yourself... no thats too hard right, its much easier to sit behind a monitor and whine about every last thing...

if u dont like it, leave. really whats stopping u? unless u cant afford to leave, in which case its sad that u have to resort to making fun of the ppl who do have the money in this city when u yourself has NONE.

jealous of "izzys loser kids" abit are u? seems like it. hey tho, thanks for contributing total crap to this site again.

u know what.. ill just paraphrase all your posts.. this is what i see when i read them

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You have no facts to back up anything you say ! Stop posting, nobody takes you serious ! Go away !

He forgets to mention the noncompete clause with the MTS Centre.

I'd be very careful what you say blueface, wouldn't surprise me if you get slapped with a suite for those types of allegations.

....time to re-think our stadium plans :lol: :lol: :lol: AND that would be for the 150 th time.....Give me a break...Every time i see a politicians name come up in a thread like this i have to wonder....Is it really blueface the fan that is posting this or some political rival...Get over it...the venue is being built...it will be ready to play in (2012) and come pretty much as advertised....Now take your whine back to the political boardroom from whence you came... we're not interested in your bullcrap :wink: :thdn:

....what about the jumbotrons....wouldn't they cause some sort of asphyxiation :lol:

After reading bluefaces post again, I thought I detected a hint of the nasty nate flare in it.

Is that you nasty nate ?

I don't think it's Nate. I think it is a guy who posted as Dark Crow at EP. The comments he made in this thread sound just like some of his posts at EP.

Yep, i agree another garbage post from a nobody, trying to look smart when you don't have a clue .... actually reminds me of an old dog or a guy with the name sanjay ... hmm ,,, :roll:

Izzy, God Bless his soul, paid his own way. His kids are a bunch of leeches that couldn't make their own beds, let alone build a stadium or a museum. Losers, all of them. The Asper fortune will be gone by the end of this fisal year. We don't need those bums. Winnipeg has enough panhandlers.

Winnipeg can build it's own stadium!
Approx 600,000 wpgers x avg $500= $300M

1st -- Ask for donations from the wpgers. Make a public list of the donations. Can include anonymous donors. Accept also from ex-wpgers and others out of town
2nd--Sell bricks at $100 each--- to include persons name and place at new stadium at a walk way around the stadium--"Bomber Builders"
3rd--Hire a manager that can organize-- 1 yr salary-- ~$130,000
Accept bids for construction w/o that bug-eyed mooch.

Stop this Asper BS and build it right!
50 year stadium-- at $500 each-- is only $10/yr

....look blueface...we're not buying your baloney.....why would anyone in their right mind try and reverse a done-deal....your whistling up the wrong stump sunshine and the reason your face is probably blue is that you're suffering from a lack of oxygen to the brain...The stadium is being built...get on board with the new venue.... Sorry to have to tell you this but your train has left the station :wink:

GO AWAY ALREADY ... the stadium is being built, done deal, live with it boy.
LOL --- good laugh here --- Please 600,000 Winnipeggers are not going to give $500 that would mean EVERY person in the city would give $500 ... Not even feasable .... LOL .... go play with your Lego or something boy!