Why are no Ticats Comming to Burlington 4 Camp Day

I see Alot Ticats are going to Timmys for Camp Day.

Why are none comming to Burlington????

It would be Nice to see Any of our Players at Timmys In Burlington for Camp Day..

I Wish The Ticats Would Look After Burlington Fans Better ..

Also The Free Bus Rides

Free Bus Rides from Hamilton only
Why not Offer the Same to Burlington Riders.

Because they're not the Burlington Ticats.


We Still Ticats Fans..
Why not Show Us the Same Respect..

Saw the wink, canuckle, but onknight has a point - in my experience, the Argos seem to do more promotion in Burlington than the Cats do. 150,000+ fairly affluent people that live within 20 minutes of IWS -it should be a no-brainer to do some promotion in Burlington.

I'm a Cat fan, why not bring them to Saskatchewan? :smiley:

Hamilton Tiger Cats were in Burlington as recently as not even a month ago for the Charity Cheerleader Bowling Event.
So they Do promotion here but I also agree that they aren’t the Burlington Ticats. The majority of the population that attends games is from Hamilton.

Onknight why don’t you contact the Ticats office about this perhaps a better way to handle this concern

Im not suprised that there isnt any cats goin to any tims in burlington, but i do think the cats should do other things in burlington. Do they do anything there and if they dont they should think about have a booth with players and cheerleaders at the sound of music festival in spencer smith park.

My Mom works at the Tim’s at Duff’s corners and it is one of the busiest Tim’s in Ontario. Why is there no Cats going there? My mom is a big cats fan and is very hurt over this.

And that will forever be the case if they don't do promotion outside of Hamilton. Chicken? Egg?

I'm not saying they don't do any promotion in Burlington, just that I don't see them at events/festivals in Burlington, and my (Burlington-based)company has never (to my knowledge) been approached about buying corporate tickets while we have been several times about buying Argos tickets.

Not a criticism, just a suggestion.

I see the Tiger-Cats are proud partners with minor football from areas as far as Brantford and Burlington, London and Niagara.....most likely through 50/50 draws where it counts the most for minor sports programs....that being...$$$$

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There may be a lot of reasons the Ticats couldn't send players to the gazillion Tim Hortons within 20 miles......but they did cover Stoney Creek, Waterdown, Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton (city core and the mountain)

Shop Tim Hortons on Camp Day (one of my favourite days all year!)

From this post -- I see that there are a lot of questions on the connection of the Ticats and the city of Burlington -- i hope this helps.

The Burlington market is very important to the organization. We have partnerships with the Burlington Teen Tour Band, Burling Youth Soccer, Burlington Minor Football, and other major Burlington groups.

We also have a merchandise and ticket location in Burlington as well as having a major community partnership with the the schools in the Burlington area where we promote literacy.

We are we going to Tim Hortons in Hamilton specifically because we are sponsored by the hamilton group of franchisees.

Our Ticket to the Game promotion on game-days is through the city of Hamilton and HSR. Burlington has a different transit system.

We are going to continue to work on and establish new links and partnerships with not only the city of Burlington but other cities outside of Hamilton.


Very simple really: there are several hundred Tim Hortons outlets around the Hamilton region but only a few dozen Tiger-Cat players. They simply cannot be everywhere.

Despite taking a day off from training camp (whose idea is this anyway? :wink:) and sending most of the team on the road for the whole day, we'll only get to a small fraction of the Tim Hortons outlets.

We get to Burlington a -lot-. But never as much as we, and our fans, would like us to.

If you have a worthy cause don't hesitate to call the 'Cats 905-547-CATS (2287) and invite them. As far in advance of your event as possible, six months to a year is not too early.

As you can guess, the Tiger-Cats are very popular, so please don't be disappointed if they cannot fit your event into their schedule, they still have to find the time to practice to win football games!

The Football Operations Boys are not letting the players take the day off, bob

They practice from noon to 2pm tomorrow. It says that right on this website.

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Perhaps that's why they don't want the players to be at locations too far from IWS.


You're right bob, the title of another Tiger Cat News Item
leads us to believe the players have the day off Camp.

Bob & Adam Thanks for Chiming in…

The Bus Trip Really would nice to offer the Same thing … Have you Asked Burlington Transit about it ?

You Should Bring The Ticats to Ribfest…
Friday Before Labor Day.

Tom Riddell-BG Report

I proudly live in the City of Hamilton…but Burlington these are your Tiger-Cats too.

The same for Brantford, St. Catharines, Oakville, Caledonia, London, etc.

This is Tiger-Cat country

Heeeey what about Tim Hortons in Little Current were fans to you know.

Hey I was running around today and I popped by a couple tim hortons and I seen the players and Stripes in fact I seen stripes at 3 locations one at 8 am and then at noon and again at one, that tiger was everywehere!! way to go what a great cause for the TH camp!!

Burlington has thought that they are to good for Hamilton for years and now that we have a good team, you folks from Burlington want to jump on the Bandwagon. Well there's no room!!!! :roll:

I'll go on a diet if it will help. :lol:

Not all Burlington residents jump the bandwagon I have been attending ticats games for at least 10 years. I have lived in burlington off and on for 9 years and have made the short trip over to Hamilton for lots of games. I have had season tickets for 3 years. I don't disagree with you though HH that there are some people who are posting on here now that create a bad name for ticat fans and it is sad.