Why are no CFL Players Wearing Team Cloth Face Masks in Public?

Why are no CFL players taking selfies (pictures of themselves) wearing their team's cloth face masks and posting to social media to encourage Canadians to visit the Shop For CFL Merchandise - CFL.ca and buy team cloth face masks during the pandemic which will likely last another 6 or so months anyway? Revenue for the league? PR for the league? Help Canadians stay healthy? I just do not understand. CFL-XFL or not, it just makes sense.

SportChek also had multiple clearance sales on CFL and other leagues
At one point they were way down, like 80% off list price

I even bought some out of market stuff (partly because its cool and partly when local team did not have size / style I liked)

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Let's hope that in a few months, face masks will just be a bad memory

What about condoms with team names? I've only seen one and that was "The Roughrider"


Oh does that make me think of a joke that I prob should not tell.....and its not against the riders

I had one of those....but mine said Saskatchewan Roughriders. I guess you didn't unroll it far enough


what the heck is a condom again??

I guess if you are only banging your wife and hanging out with your wife, neither a condom nor cloth face mask is needed. That I get, FootballYouBet. However, while I assume you are loyal to your wife, I can not assume that you do not interact with other members of the public - just like, I assume, you do not play football with your self. So, in conclusion, I would assume that, just like you would wear a helmut to play football (but, there is no guarantee of not having a head or spinal injury), you should wear a CFL branded cloth face mask in public so you do not contract or spread COVID-19 (though, again, no guarantee of either). So, hurry, while CFL has no branded condoms, the Shop For CFL Merchandise - CFL.ca does sell cloth face masks. Good luck with your endeavors, but, whatever you do, do it safely. Protect your balls, wear a CFL cloth face mask from the CFL's online store.

Joke's on CFL fans if they and the players and media don't do more to raise revenue for the league - CFL-XFL or not.

How do you know that the poster is a man and has a wife? every thought that "footballyoubet" could be a woman?
Do we assume that all posters are men? I suppose being a football site everyone is a male.

Hmm. Well. Poster did say wife. However. Good point. Maybe a lesbian couple. Very good point.

gee..first I heard of it

Its a mask for your nether regions

[quote="kav2001c, post:12, topic:70153"]

Its a mask for nether regions..

Yeah. That is another way to say it.

well, my family is from the Netherlands , but I am not sure what regions

cant picture how you put a cover on such a large area tho

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Classic. lol.

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