Why are Lumsden's carries so few?

The whole issue regarding the discontent of the passing game can be remedied by effective use of the rushing game. I looked at the CFL rushing leaders...Joe Smith, Charles Roberts, Jesse Lumsden, in this order...yet Lumsden has 30+ fewer carries than Smith and almost 40 fewer than Roberts???? Despite having a 7.3 average. I am not saying that I know more than Coach Taffe, but logic denotes a good running game freezes the defense long enough to get good reads on the defense, slows the pass rush, and gives the WR's more time to run good routes...which in my humble opinion makes the passing game more effective. When I played at Acadia in the late 90's we had a fantastic passing game, best in the country, yet we still had a bruising running game...obviously not the same level of football, but should not the same principles hold true?

Lumsden needs more carries and than the passing game will be a little more poised and effective...just my thoughts...any others?

i was saying that after gm 1 we get a consistent running game and you get a good balance, play action, etc. then maybe someone will actually be open for a deep pass for a change.
in return once the passing game has more options it helps the running game.

I've been saying this for how long now!

Even though Jesse had 150+ yds rushing in BC he only had like 12 carries. We need to hand the ball off more. Plus it would be nice to have a fullback in there, we run far too much out of the 5 wide set. I think this is a case of trying to get your players to fit into the system instead of creating a system around your best players.

(note: we have great running backs and not so great receivers, so why do we put 5 receivers and only 1 RB out on offence so much???)

And please include Holmes in the running back rotation. I think Holmes would be a great back to have in there when we go 5 wide because there's less big fellas out there to tackle him.

id rather see us the double tight end jumbo offence with dickerson and rads lined up and challenge teams to stop our running game plus if you went play action in that set it's proven dickerson has good hands we called upon. this would also get corey in the game more.

The two tight end set works for me. It would pound on the smaller linebackers that most CFL teams have.

the reason the argos had a problem with our jumbo offence a few years ago vs us on labour day is because they kept to their 3-4 defence, they had only 2 backup linemen and had to play them along the line to match our big guys and with being a humid night we wore them out and troy davis had his biggest night ever as a cat.

The Ticats definately need to use the run game more when inside the 30. The passing game here has so far not worked. Give the ball to our running backs (get Holmes on the field somewhere also when inside the 30) and punch it in.

you got to have a good mix established for any of it to work effectively. that's why i've been trying to convince people on this board it's not all about the qb 100%. but you're right we need to pound the ball more. o linemn love it too.

I think the passing game is just fine . I like our recievers and they have played better and tougher the last few weeks .

IMO the problem is the play calling in the red zone . Why is that we can move the ball up and down the field but cant put it in the end zone ?? When Taffe gets that figured out I think we`ll be fine . Maybe running the ball more in that area of the field will help .