Why Are CFL Teams Doing This

Uh, no. That's not a logical comparison. You are comparing two completely different situations.

When the outcome of the game is in doubt, you play strategically. You don't gamble unless the reward is worth the risk.

When the outcome of a game is not in doubt, you can take risks because it won't cost you in the win column, and doing so is a good way to give certain players reps (such as backups), besides fostering confidence overall (why not go for it when the coach trusts you to execute?).

Moreover, there doesn't even have to be a justification for it, because it's only the feelings of certain fans that get hurt, and who cares about that, really? Regardless of whether fans hate it or not, certain teams do it.

Or telling a narcissistic Kardashian not to tweet pictures of her fat arse! :smiley:

[i]STOP complaining BrIan! :cowboy:

The offense's job is to score.

The defense's job is to stop the offense from scoring.

This isn't Polo!

This isn't that girl's sport soccer.

This isn't some friendly country club tennis match, between "well to do" gents, who like to compare the font and texture of their business cards...

THIS IS FOOTBALL! :smiley: :rockin: [/i]

Johnny :smiley:

Where have you been ?
I have been missing you .

Please do not make fun of soccer players. It takes a lot of practice to pretend to be hurt , fall down and roll around.
That is a true art. :lol:

I think people have misunderstood my take. ( And my sarcasm )

I am not saying you quit or lay down.
This has nothing to do with being a good sport or having sympathy for the other guys.
I could care less if the D feels humiliated.

I agree you gamble for strategy to win or come from behind.

I am saying , when the game is won just kick the FG or punt.

There is just no point in the team victor going for it.
Please do not feed the line about how no lead is safe.
Both of these games were won when both the Cats and Esks decided to go for it.

Both of these games were not in the division, so the points would not be an issue.
Plus if it is in the division, you would only rack up the points if you played 2 X.

In the case of the best 2/3, there would be no use in doing it.

And as I and others have stated, it makes total sense for teams to go for it when they are playing (mostly) their backups, as it gives them some meaningful full contact reps. Basically treat it as a late pre-season game. The field goal and punt units probably don't need the practice nearly as much as the offensive backups.

And that ignores the fact that there is a slim chance that a tie-breaker could come down to total points against the entire league. Sure, not likely, but it's there.

Reilly was still in the game.

I don't have a problem with it at all. This is the pros, not kindergarten. And remember, aggregate scoring IS somewhere in the tiebreaker list.

I'd much rather see an opponent rub my nose in 60 pts than have them dance on my logo in the pregame or moon the fans.

If you get down far enough, total aggregate (against all opponents) is used.

Running the score would be going for 2 points when up by 40 .... full out blitzing on Defence vs playing zone coverage when up by 40.

Normally this is game time for the second stringers. Many are auditioning for the next injury replacement or to stay on the team ... They are going to play full out. I only caught the Rider game and didn't feel the ticats ran the score.... they could have put in the kids of the ticats 3rd stringers and still scored.

The only time that I have ever had a problem with someone TRYING TO run up the score was in 2014, the Eskimos were at Regina and with 30 seconds left and a 5 point lead around the Sask 25 yard line, Chris Jones took a knee on 1st down, another knee on 2nd down and THEN with zeros on the clock took a shot at the endzone.

Now let me clarify this. As Rider fan I was not the least bit offended by Jones' action. And I don;t care about the 2 knees. Actually I was pleased that he would be so bloody arrogant and stupid enough to give the Riders a chance to pick off the pass and return it to win the game. My PROBLEM with what he did was that IF I were an Esk fan I would have ripped the exhaust pipes off his bike and beat him with them. And if the miserable sob ever ever EVER tries a stunt like that with a lead of less than 9 points with the Riders, I'll be all over this forum with a goddamn flamethrower.

You say "girls sport" as if it's somehow less aggressive. Did you see our women's soccer team in Rio? They played to win.

I will say this much.

As a Stamps fan I was disgusted and ashamed when Cornish pulled that stunt.

Regina's finest should have charged him with indecent exposure.

Tarnished the Stamps , fans and the city of Calgary.

Other than that move, he carried himself with class.

Just as I am disgusted and appalled by pretty much everything that Chris Jones does.

However, I must disagree and take issue with the notion that Cornish was a class player.

First, when he was backup to Joffrey Reynolds (a REAL class player!) and he got his 1 touch per game, he'd get tackled for a 5 yard gain, get up and dance around like he just won the superbowl. Ok, no biggie but at the time I thought he was just a punk, or just too young and excited. But as his career went on, his true colors came out. not only the moon incident, but also there was the TD he scored and handed the ball to Dwight Anderson. Now Dwight was no saint (I generally spit when I hear his name myself) but still, he risked a taunting penalty in doing so (I can't remember if he got one or not but he should have) which would have cost his team 10 yards, and you would never see a true class player like Milt or Geroy or Ricky Ray make a bush move like that. THEN there was the time that Cornish hauled himself up off the turf by grabbing the back of Chick's knee. He deserved to get his head kicked in for that. THEN there was the mooning incident and his half-assed apology (issued only in writing as far as I know, not in person) that Huf FORCED him to make, because Huf IS a class guy and doesn't stand for punk-ass b**ch moves like that on his team. As far as I'm concerned Cornish never apologized for that, not that I need his apology.

Cornish was a punk, sorry.

I forgot about that other stuff Prairie.

Anderson was on the team at the time , and he was are # 1 clown act.
His antics stood out more than Cornish.

Also, I get where you are coming from with Jones.
We had a guy in in Calgary from 87 - 89 . Coach Larry Kuharich.

I would rank him just under Jones for class. :roll:

When we met in Vancouver, you did not look very old and I do not know how long you have followed the CFL.

Coach Q took many an opportunity to shame the Stamps.
The worst was the 89 West Semi against your Riders.

Even back then Rider nation would show up in big numbers.
As the game went on and became clear that the Riders would win, the green became more loud.

Q, who did not get the Rider fan base passion proceeded to give a rude gesture to the green faithful.
When asked by the local media the reason for the move he stated :

" we are in playoff game and you would hope we could get some f*****g fan support "

You would hope that players and coaches who are fortunate enough to make it to the pros , would be grateful enough to show class. Jerks are jerks.

Were you being sarcastic when saying Joffrey Reynolds was a real class player? Maybe as a player, but not as a boyfriend!

[url=http://globalnews.ca/news/389968/update-ex-girlfriend-testifies-in-joffrey-reynolds-assault-trial/]http://globalnews.ca/news/389968/update ... ult-trial/[/url]