Why are CFL fans so negative?

Other than during Grey Cup parties when everybody is so right liquored they're happy as can be, CFL fans really seem to be negative. Just look at a lot of the posts here. One complaint after another! Refs, raging on QBs, firing coaches, tv commentators and even the little games at stadiums during tv breaks.

I don't know why people need to be so negative. The CFL is a great game. Its very exciting and you really never know what to expect. The players unlike almost any other pro league actually take a good amount of time out for fans and the community. There is so much to cheer for. The league is doing better than it has in years. The West is close again and Hamilton is rising again.

No league, team or game will ever be perfect. There will be bad plays, bad penalty calls and bad coaching decisions but that doesn't mean its the only thing that goes on in a game. If you don't nit pick, this to me is the best damned league out there.

It’s not all bitterness here you know. And only a small percentage of fans actually ever post here. You’re certainly right about everything else you said about the league though.

Being negative about something is usually the easiest way to be. It’s often much harder to write something positive and constructive.

Well, I can't speak for all fans, but I'm highly critical of all my teams, not just my CFL teams. I'm an incredibly competitive person, so I expect the best from my teams at all times. I can certainly praise my teams when they do well, but I definitely won't hesitate the criticize them, either.

This board is no different than most boards for most leagues and sports, it's the nature of the beast ie. the fan to be somewhat negative because in sports, the outcome is easy - you win or you lose. And also, the media has taught people to write about, you guessed it, negative stuff - killings, storms, bad economies etc. Good news just doesn't sell that much I'm afraid.

It's because we care!

No, we're not.


This thread sucks.

This actually made me laugh out loud. :lol:

Mods, please lock this thread as it's too negative, I only want to surround myself by positive, forward thinking individuals, if you please. :wink:

I thought that the Ti-Cats and Eskies played a great game on Saturday. I like watching the Ti-Cats so much that I might buy a t-shirt and dump my sinking Argos once and for all! :cowboy:

sometimes you have to be negative in order to get the changes you want implemented!!

if all you are is happy and positive and thankful for what we have.. you get nowhere..

your team struggles.

this is what happened with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for many a year! people were always being positive about their situation, being thankful for what they have.. blah blah. they didn't wanna complain!

and what did they do? absolutely NOTHING!

only 1 Grey Cup since 1966 in 1989.. no home playoff games from 1976 to 1988 and then again from 1989 to 2008.

They got extremely complacent and they sucked for so many years above and beyond!!

Uh...because they're fans (which is short for fanatics).

Fans are passionate, for the good or the bad.

Great post Grims_ For some reason there a depreciated outlook on CFL, its not that the Defence played good, the Offence played bad etc, Just last week 3 of the 4 loseing QB,s were saying that their team eather had to play better or they made to many mistakes etc, instead of putting a positive P.R spin on things, like saying the other team is really good or they have big playmakers,. CFL should not let its players and coaches do interviews if they are going to put out such negative PR IMHO

Glad to be of service.

I've had seasons tix for 9 years now, I know what a fan is. I just don't get why unless their team is winning every single game all they can focus on is the negative. Yeah I'm not pleased with how the Lions are doing but I also look at all the things that are going really well.
What can I say, I generally try to look at the glass as half full.

Yeah true.

I think that might also have to do with different cities. For example when I used to live in Vancouver it seemed Canuck fans were very sympathetic and at times delusional towards their team. In Edmonton all you here is people whining about how bad their team/coaches or how no one wants to play for them (which is a myth getting greater play then it deserves)

Well if i'm not complaining i'm not Happy. :x :x :x

So true. Being a Canucks fan is as fasionable as paying $8 for a coffee here. Even if both products are crap, people'll still flock to them here.

Now you know what its like to be an Argo and Leaf fan...lol

Well the Argos have at least won more lately than the Leafs, albeit a bit easier in a 8 team league than in a 30 team league, so Toronto isn't a complete washout, and those Jays won a few back in the early 90's, seems a long time ago, as well.