Why are argos so good?

:?: What i don't understand is why the argos are so damm good and rich? :?: Can someone help me :?: :wink: My giess is that argos will win the grey cup this year again! :shock:

Maybe in the Old timers division. An injury free Alouettes team will bring Toronto back to reality.

Simply Put It's Television, The Argos Get A Higher TV Rating Then The Bills. This Puts More Money Into The Team.

Yes....... they DO get higher ratings than the BILLS , the JAYS and the RAPTORS ...........................But so does........... HAMILTON.

The T.V. money goes to ALL of the CFL , teams.

The CFL has/or had............T.V. , contracts with TSN , the CBC , ESPN and AMERICA ONE SPORTS.......which goes into 70 MILLION , U.S. homes. :smiley:

The ARGOS , are NOT the only team with rich owners..........the OWNER of HAMILTON , is VERY RICH.........EDMONTON , seems to have allot of money.

How about B.C.?.....................how much did WINNIPEG , pay for , K. JONES?

The ARGOS , are so good because of excellent coaching.............great defence and special teams , and a GREAT Q.B. :wink:

Why (does it seem) the Argos are so good?

-Some luck-like Cavillo's injury in the Eastern finals last year. Remember how we used to talk about the Argo bounce!
-Owner deep pockets.
-some football talent too!
They are getting a bit long in the tooth though, and perhaps they won't be so lucky this year. I think they will still do well this year but not go to the Grey Cup game, except as spectators.

The ARGOS defence put A.C. out of the game. Sacking a Q.B. is part of football.

And how did they get LUCKY against B.C.? They beat them , as well.

And just how many ARGO players were , ROGERS PLAYERS of the week?

I know that Canadian Kevin EIBEN , was defensive player 3 times , and BASHIR and the rest of our punt and kick return team recieved some , players of the week , as well.

PINBALL, was nominated for the CFL'S coach of the year.

Again... HAMILTON 'S owner has deep pockets , so do EDMONTON [money for good players] , B.C. and Winnipeg [K. Jones].

The rest is just sour grapes. :wink:

Hello there.
Sacking is part of the game - knocking a QB out of the game isn't.
Lucky against BC, no, because the Argos have some talent. Lucky that it was BC they were playing (sour grapes? maybe you're right their.) Much of that talent is on defence, which is very good. Offence is another matter. Damon was the mvp, granted, but he is long in the tooth as I said. It looks like Bishop may not be back. Perhaps someone will injure your QB and then where will the team be. Would that be bad luck, but Cavillo being injured not? I guess I am starting to sound pretty negative here, but I am not really down on the Argos. They are good, especially the defence. However, I believe Montreal will give them a run for their money this year, and let's hope both QBs will be healthy when the two teams clash. By the way, I am no more a Montreal fan than a Toronto one.

Are they? I though it was because AC in Montreal that got injured that made them look good.

one player doesnt make a team.

Why did they win the Cup last year?
Coaching, maybe.
Defence, definitely.
Special teams, without question.
Offence (including QB), not a chance!

As for the poll, I said the only thing my conscience would allow me to say.

That poll only tells me that
3 als fans voted
3 argo fans voted
2 BC fans voted
1 vote from fans from Edm Ham etc.etc.etc

Hey but if your number one QB goes down it effects the whole team sorry your wrong. Do you think for one minute the ARgo's would have been in the GC if the injury did not happen give your head a shake. I am suprised at you Eskimos32001. But thats okay I still like you.

But a backup QB is part of the team too. It was a coaching decision to put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak, and abandon any pursuit of depth at quarterback. Matthews did the same thing in Toronto (who was Flutie's backup? I have no idea.)

So when A.C. went down, it was because of a team deficiency that they didn't have a backup who could go in to replace him. So it was not luck, but a poor coaching decision that cost Montreal their shot at the 2004 Grey Cup.

[quote="gamebuster"]Hello there.
Sacking is part of the game - knocking a QB out of the game isn't.
Perhaps someone will injure your QB and then where will the team be. /quote]

You may recall Allen being knocked out for most of the season with a near career ending injury, yet still the Argos won the Grey Cup.

When allen went down (which he probably will this year too) the argos struggled offensively I can think of at least 2 games where all their points came off the leg of Noel Prefontaine and when allen was in they struggled offensively but not as much most of their losses though came with allen out. Losing a number 1 QB will always affect a team the backup is a backup for a reason he is not the guy you want leading your team in the playoffs ever.

I agree that throughout the year, it was mainly the Special Teams and D that got the victories for the Argos, but you still can’t win a Grey Cup with a nonexistent offence.

Damon Allen throwing 23-34 for 299 yards, with 2 rushing TD’s and 1 passing TD, en route to 27 points in the final, I wouldn’t say the offence didn’t have a role either.

there are regular season teams, and there are playoff teams, sometimes you get both.

regular season teams wins alot of games, but dont win a lot of cups-like montreal, they've won alot of games and only one cup as of late.

playoff teams crawl into the playoffs and take it all while everyone is ignoring them. thats mostly due to coaching and experienced players. pinball might not be that experienced, bt Damon Allen and a few players on that argo team last year had experience.


I still remember the ARGO'S final regular season game against MONTREAL............people were so mad that PINBALL rested his best players for the play offs..........while... MONTREAL, played the whole game with 1st stringers , including... A.C...........which meant 0 practise time in a game sitiuation for A.C. 's back up.

MONTREAL, beat the ARGOS by 60 points and the press went crazy ................1 newspaper's head line shouted " ARGOS RIP OFF THEIR FANS " ......and that was in the , TORONTO STAR.

Maybe MATTEWS , learned a lesson from that game because it came back to haunt him , later.

Once the game was absolutely secure white came in and got reps but no matter how many reps he gets he wont be as good as calvillo


I don't think that Argos are that good anymore lol