Why are all the "pundits" pushing Ray to retire???

All week we had to listen to the experts in the media tell Ray he should retire, wants to retire... He's had a career year, maybe they should let him make that decision. 5400 yards, has a great opportunity to make a run with Trestman and Popp. The man's earned the right to make his own decision. Let him focus and enjoy his season.

If he feels good and is still enjoying the game no reason for him to retire.

IMHO, Ricky Ray is not going to retire.
Trestman loves experienced QB's, Do you think if Ricky Ray wasn't going to be QB for him he would have even came to TOR in the off season to begin with, I seriously doubt it.
I bet Ricky Ray loves playing for Trestman, He will re-sign and be their Starting QB in Training Camp.
He has receivers like SJ Green, Edwards, Posey and Coombs etc. and I bet there will be lots of quality Free Agent Receivers that would love to be catching those accurate throws from Ray.
Ray has thrived under Trestman, he will be back.

And plenty of players who would love to play for Trestman and Popp. Something we couldn’t say under Millanovich and Barker.

They do that with all star players in all leagues.

I hate the media with their Gotcha games. Even in his post game comments, they try to put that in his mouth... POS

Ray has 4 Grey Cups. 5 would put him in a different stratosphere. He looked awesome today. Why would he retire?

He didn't sound like a QB ready to retire. Sounded like he was just deflecting the questions. I'm confident he'll be back.

Ricky Ray will decide in the off season. Once he's looking at another season of camp and conditioning and workouts and schedule etc - and seeing how his body feels - that's when he will either be energized to return, or feel comfortable and at peace with a decision to step away on top.

Either way it's his to decide and nobody can criticize his choice - he's the winningest QB in CFL history and one of the classiest athletes ever.

Sure do. Just ask Green and Woods.

When Ray was interviewed by Dunnigan he told Matt that has been playing the last few seasons on borrowed time .

I think he knows it's injuries that will dictate any decision and is just going with the flow until there is one that tells him to call it quits .

Many pundits want him going out on top and in one piece. Ray is very likeable and humble person when interviewed and I think a few like that a legend leaving on his terms and not being forced out by injury or sub par performance .

His iceman persona and his game management within the game should be a trait for young QB's to copy .

It would be funny is someone asked a journalist the same question after they published a very good piece. “So, are you going to retire and give up your livelihood just so that you can say you went out on top?”

Ricky Ray doesn’t sell many tickets and isn’t much of a media attraction with his low-key persona. The Toronto (national) media would love a Johnny Football or Kaepernicker to fawn over. They may become available, along with Z. Collaros if the Ticats decide to stick with Masoli, who played pretty well down the stretch. Keep RR as the backup, ready to go in and save the season after the Whizkid’s fizzle.

Shows how clueless TO is when the only QB to ever win 4 GCs - isn't a draw.

Gee, just make it shiny........

That is no way to plan your season or build a team. You go with the best guy you got. Maybe he is low key but he has plenty of flash, he blinds the media and his opponents with the glare off his 4 Grey Cup rings. I'll take that over a glitzy media star who's too busy selling his brand to be bothered with the game. How did that game plan work out for Duron Carter? How thrilled are the Riders that they have Duron Carter while the Argos have Devier Posey and a Grey Cup.

I think he will be back next season.

I hope so, I really like the guy, maybe it is because he is humble and low keyed, unlike Dunigan who is very loud.

Maybe if Hamilton doesn't offer Johnny Manziel a contract (got to the 30th) Toronto can sign him so they get their "NFL Flash".

Winning trumps flash, Winning a lot trumps everything. They build a dynasty in Toronto like they did in Montreal. Toronto will love its football team. Lots of great comments in this thread. Thank you.

Dynasty is pretty much impossible these days with the world of salary caps, free agency, and YouTube.

Some teams can magically keep their roster together year after year, even as others have to make tough choices and let go of their veterans.