Why always the drop back for Burris?

Where are the roll outs?

Joseph was quite effective with it last night.

Captain - Henry can't throw acurrately while standing still. How do you think he's going to throw while on the move? A very poor throwing example last night by Henry the bad and if were lucky, Henry the good. Kerry Joseph had no problems throwing the ball. What drives me nuts is Henry failure to look the receiver off and throw in to double coverage consistently. Most if all his thows sail high. Poor throwing mechanics. I would beleive your question should be answered by George Cortez? You know the other team is goung to pin their ears back and come after you........so why stay in the pocket when you a new guard ? Only Georger Cortez can answer this question and why half time adjustments are not necessary. I could not beleive he said that.

Strong arm. Weak accuracy. He's been throwing faster but I think this, and the drop are due to weaknesses in the O line. Lacking two starters has hurt the offence. Teams that know how to break down our line disrupt Burris who doesn't adjust all that well.

I want to know why he is always in a shotgun, even on 3rd and 1?

Chewbaca said "I want to know why he is always in a shotgun, even on 3rd and 1" Another poor coaching decision. The best one was waisting a challenge flag for 3 yards and loosing their final time out. 3rd and 1 in the shootgun spells disaster. That would have been the time to bring in Porter and sneek over one of the guards. Poor decisions will aways produce poor outcome.

Always funny to see how the papers run the news about the injuries and the adjustments the Cats need to make just before a game. I guess they want to put out the excuses before the game begins. Burris is a marginal QB at best. He has does not make good reads of the defense and as a result is surprised when the blitz hits him. His mechanics were so off last evening. The Cats need to be looking to bring in a top notch prospect and let him play.

Defense_Rules ......... Agree 100% ...Burris marginal at best!

I think this criticism of Burris, while some of it is valid, a lot of it, if not most, is too harsh.

Remember, coming into the game he had the #1 QB rating in the league, 2nd in passing yards, first in TD passes, broke the Ti-Cat record last night for TD passes.

Rolling to one side cuts down the length of the pass, and the time it is in the air. Surely if Joseph can do it, so could Burris.

I agree about him not looking off the receivers. That was pointed out on here a while ago, I'v been watching for it and I do see it. (ie Thompson's pick) You gotta look off that safety!

I think he could very be effective with the roll out. Wonder if it's an offensive line issue.

Also keep in mind, Burris has won the offensive palyer of week award a few times, as well as an offensive player of the month.

Even with last night's performance he leads the league in QB rating with a 104.9 vs Ac's 103.5, and he's surpassed 4,100 yards passing

Captain Just imagine the stats and performance if Henry could find some kind of consistency. You may be on to something regarding the Oline..............O'Neil has not impressed and this was Henessy first game. Nontheless, if Henry could break this consistency monkey thats on his back he could be able to score more points so the defense could squander the lead. There's plenty of problems other than Henry Burris top to bottom.

Here's some random guy who also questions that:


(Note the list of people who retweeted this. One of them is Sam Giguere.)

I have always been a fan of a roll out type QB. By rolling out, he has several options:
He can pass to a shorter field, pitch out to a running back, carry the ball himself or, if
necessary, eat the ball or throw it away. In effect, he eliminates half the defense by
rolling out.

Mark makes a good point however, about our weak "O" line. To make the roll out work
as it should, we need strong dependable bodies up front. Worth a try!


Wasn't Lulay deadly on the roll out last night?

Hard to hit a moving target considering the target is quick and athletic. I don't beleive Henry is capable of rolling out and passing accurately. That's why he rarely leaves the pocket and gets sacked and fumbles. Athletics, age, Oline support and throwing accuracy are just some of his problems. The season is lost, put Porter in.

Y'know that's a valid point I think.I recall last year, hank lost his job to tate and part of the reason was poor mechanics. Wonder if he's incapable of rolling out now?

There's gottta be a reason why your QB, who is mobile, is not doing that. Either he can't or the coaches don't want it for some reason.