Why Always in Shotgun?

After watching a lot of CFL and NFL over the weekend (and for years) I wonder why the CFL doesn’t play more with the QB under centre. Certainly the NFL uses it a lot along with the shot gun. The CFL uses the gun exclusively except in goal line or needing less than a yard.

Under the centre gives defenses a whole other formation to plan for. Gives the offense more quick slants that don’t require the long snap (sometimes remarkably soft and sloooow snaps) and helps the run game by giving the back a running start and certainly can help the play action throw.

Basically the CFL runs very very similar almost identical offenses. I think some team should adopt a full package of under centre play again. And yes I remember Kelly in Winnipeg use of it a decade ago. That's not what he failed at. And I don’t really want to debate CFL is better than the NFL by those that don’t watch both leagues please.

Why doesn't the CFL use it any more?

OC's use what they figure will work. As soon as any team tries anything and it works, all teams use it. Same with the hybrid LB. As soon as teams started using a converted DB at LB all teams did it. I think one reason its used more in Canadian football is because the field is wider. Less players in the box.

Also it has become such a passing league that it favours the QB being (hopefully) able to scan the full field versus a snap and drop-back.

But point taken that a mix of runs and passes out of each formation would present a bit more pf a challenge to defences.

In KG's case, he isn't that mobile anymore, even less so than before, and doesn't get enough protection for him to stand under center on every play... he needs that extra time to find his receivers.

In my opinion i think thered be more success on offense if teams did more pro set style plays.

But what do i know? I only played 8yrs coached and reffed 5 years??

I think it save's a lot of time.

Shotgun the QB is set.

Watch some youtube of old Grey Cups with Esks and Riders.

Wilkie and Lancaster were under center and they would need to drop back or roll out.

Compare that to the plays we see now.

Well the guys running the 9 shows have well over 30 years each invested in the game. Some 40, 50, years.

But I too would like to see more variation. As sth mentioned its a copycat sport. Nobody will try things until someone else tries it with success. Just seems strange that the NFL uses it 50% of the time and we never see it up here.

And I'm not suggesting using it all the time. Just a variation package.

Yeah but how did it start in the first place? When the Eskimos first started their 5 in a row

Remember, CFL at one time was very NFL. Tight ends, full backs, 7 man fronts, etc

Slotbacks, 4 receiver, 5 receiver formations were non existent.

And...what are you saying here?

I would like to see some variation. Right now if you are on defence, you know exactly where the QB is going to be 99% of the time.

I think it would help the running game as well.

Even if you played the shotgun 75% of the time, it would change some things up.

Lol, well you are certainly qualified then. ::slight_smile:

Football talk - Much of what CFL is talking about was evident watching football games years ago at Empire Stadium. Lot of great games indeed.

Well if nobody will try things how do you ever get to the point of others not trying it till someone else is successful with trying it??

Anyway, I'm kind of with you in liking to see more variation but at the same time it's not something I'm really going to think about to much....

That Football evolves, things will change some day