Why always EBay?

I know that I maybe a dinosaur but why are the auctions always on EBay? I won't put my credit numbers over the net. Am I alone? Why not donate one for the auction at the Hall of Fame dinner at the end of Sept.

Purchasing online is safer than handing your card to some kid working at the local store or gas station.

Ebay is very safe.

you don't need to pay with your credit card,you can also use a money order(if the auction says so)..
but if you are to bid on a helmet,and you win,I don't think there will be a porblem paying in person at the ticat office.

You are correct. My understanding is that cash, in person, is the only payment that the Cats accept.

In God we Trust. Everyone else pays cash.

I've been dealing with Ebay for years.

Never any problems. They're great.