Why all the XL hatin?

And for the record....I didn't doze off and snooze this year! :wink:

I'll watch it again next year, but really, I prefer the Grey Cup any day!

Peter King, from Sports Illustrated who has covered the NFL for awhile and is one of39 hall of fame voters (I don't know why you need to know that, called it one of the worst super bowls (on-field product) he has ever covered.

It wasn't that bad...but it could have ended so much better.

CFL games have just as much of a likelihood to be blowouts as the NFL, you know...just maybe it's not as much of a snorefest.

The biggest problem in Super Bowl XL were the officiating calls.

  1. The "Offensive Pass Interference" call that took away a Seattle touchdown midway through the first half.
  2. Ben Roethlisberger's touchdown run that was at the very least a give-or-take kind of a call.

Assuming natural progression of events, had these two calls been reversed, the final score of SBXL is 17-17. Seattle would have won on virtue of kicking a field goal in the last few seconds of the game (also the game would have been played so much differently, so this assumption is moot). While it's difficult to point blame at the officials on these two calls, they weren't "blown" calls...however, they would have been far less controversial if they had gone the other way.

I just wanted to say that.

I was listening to the fan this morning - it was kind of hard to hear, but the guy was saying that if the reffing didn't improve in the NFL, he'd stick to the CFL. I think that was a compliment to the CFL ... in any case, at least the CFL got MENTIONED this time ... that made me happy.

I think that the biggest problem is that gridiron rules have been crafted to set the referees up to fail. There often is a tenuous balance between one call or another when a ref is judging a play.

I honestly believe that the whole “ball crosses the plane of the goal-line” bullshit needs to amended. There should also be a easier distinction on what constitutes a completed forward pass (referring to the “tuck” rule here…this should be axed in favor of a rule concerning the movement of the ball instead).

There’s just a lot of things that could use fixing in the rule book to make it easier on fans and referees - I’d love to go through both the CFL and NFL rulebooks and mark what needs changing/simplifying. This constant judgement of the referees can only stop if you take more and more of the game out of their hands (much of the reason why I dislike basketball and soccer).

I don't agree at all with your post about CFL fans feeling inferior! The American prefer their game and we prefer ours. What we don't like it the preference give to the NFL by our own media and people! Our league is constantly being called bush and armature by Canadians!!!!! Why it it that when the NFL calls theselves the World Champs it ok, but if we question it, its childish??
We even had a regular poster who said "Well, the NFL season has started so I have no time for the NFL!"

Why is it that when An NFL fan says its better, it's OK but when a CFL fan points out that more people watched the GC than the Superbowl we have a complex??

Could it be that as more and more Canadians start to prefer the CFL, its the NFL fan who is developing a complex?

I think the point here is ... There is literally no one in here posting, or trumpeting the NFL ... Yet there are dozens of CFL fans mercilessly defending the CFL and denouncing the NFL and the "media", and reassuring yourselves that the superbowl really didn't live up to expectations ... who cares?! I had a great time yesterday. For a bunch of people that blame the media for giving the NFL so much attention - you guys sure seem to be spending a lot of time discussing it yourselves. These NoFunLeague, supersnore, superbore etc comments are beyond an inferiority complex .. its just outright childish ... who are you trying to convince?

Seems strange - who are you guys arguing against anyways? I'd love to know what each of you are trying to accomplish by continually berating a league & fans, that don't even consider it a competitor to the CFL.


let me ask you this. Why do you defend it so much?
This is a CFL board and its no surprise that we prefer it to the NFL. The fact is you seen to be the only one offended by it

I'm kinda offended by all the naysaying as well. I think people need to get over it. The NFL is a different league, that takes place in a different country. It is football, and for the most part shares so many similarities with our game, that I have trouble not enjoying it. It is a great way to spend a sunday afternoon. And I prefer not to be called a sheep if I like to watch football that just happens to be the NFL, which is without a doubt the most popular North Ameican League.

Does it diminish the fact that I like to watch CFL, hell no. I am a CFL fan 1st, but football is football, and all the supersnore, and stuper bowl coments are childish.
Comparing this super bowl, or really any superbowl to this Grey cup is ridiculous. The 05 Grey cup was one of the best games ever played, so comparing a mediocre super bowl with one of the best Grey cup's is useless. There have been great super bowls, the last two before this I belive were great.

I just wish that Everyone would just stop complaining.

I'm not 'defending' the NFL by any means ... In fact - When it comes down to it. I prefer the CFL rules to the NFL rules ... re-read my posts ... I cant find a single one where I p!ss on the CFL or defend the NFL as being more righteous in any matter.

I'm not 'offended' by these (supersnore, superbore, stuporbowl) comments either ... As a CFL fan - I'm embarassed by it. Its low-brow, and reaks of inferiority combined with childish snips.


I 100% agree with Billy's comments.

the prob is that americans r trying to take ove(no offence to the citizens of the us)with sports and other stuff

And your proof is where?

Steve, I never ever seen a NFL team come from behind and win the game like I saw Ottawa do on Canada Day!

As far as NFL combacks goes the greatest comeback was in the 1992 play-offs when the Oilers were beating the Bills 35-3 early in the second half. Frank Reich came in to qb for the Bills and they ended up winning 41-38 in ot, unbelievable.

so they happen, but that's since 1992, 14 years ago! when was the last great comeback?

Amen Statik...you nailed it.

Ok another comeback, I remember these ones cause I'm a Bears fan. In 2001 the Bears were playing the 49ers and trailing 28-9 midway threw the fourth quarter. They came back to tie the game 31-31 (with a two point conversion). In Ot Mike Brown returned an interception for a touchdown.

The next week they were playing the Browns and losing 21-7 with less than two minutes to go. they scored a touchdown, recovered the onside kick and then threw a hail mary to tie the game at 21-21. In OT Mike Brown intercepted the pass for his second straight game-winning touchdown in overtime.

And I do realize NFL comebacks are few and far between unlike the CFL. These are just two I remember from the NFL.

the superbowl never lives up to the hype?? um, i think a few years ago a team called the patriots won on a last second field goal. that is living up to the hype. then a 2 years later, same thing, same kicker.

Saw this from Chuck Klosterman on ESPN Page 2 today. Kind of sums up why the Super Bowl may disappoint from year to year.

"One thing I found surprising about the Super Bowl was that -- once you finally get into Ford Field and sit down -- it quickly becomes a totally normal football game. And here (I think) is why: The specific conditions of the game can't affect the degree to which is it hyped; as a result, the Super Bowl is inherently doomed to underwelm. Look at it like this: Let's assume the amount of hysteria preceding any game can be ranked on a scale of 1 to 100. In almost all other scenarios, this "hype number" would be dictated by who was playing, what those teams were playing for, and all the stories within the specific situation. "

"For example, January's BCS championship between USC and Texas was hyped to a percentile of 96 or 97 -- however, that game "lived up to the hype" (as announcers are wont to say), and it was because all that interest was generated for a valid reason; the talent and the circumstance overtly created the potential for greatness. But the Super Bowl is a different animal; as I mentioned Friday, the Super Bowl is an event-driven event. Its whole existence is predicated on the exaggeration of hype, so the game's "hype number" is always above 95. It's a 95 regardless of who's involved. And the grim reality is that a matchup on that caliber only happens once or twice a decade. The NFL is so skilled at promoting itself that it latently makes Super Bowl games more boring than they are."

[url=http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=klosterman/blog]http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/st ... erman/blog[/url]