Why all the XL hatin?

I've been looking over the forum topics this week and am seeing a lot of hatin' on the Super Bowl.

Seriously, what's up with that? I have watched the SuperBowl every year for the last 25 years and that has not made one bit less a CFL fan or a Canadian.

SO please, riddle me this:
How is watching the SuperBowl going to:
a) put an NFL team in Toronto? Millions of Canadians watch the Oscars, so does that mean one of these years they'll hold the Oscars here?

b) destroy the CFL? I watch the Super Bowl because I like football. I happen to like Canadian football much much more than the NFL version, but I don't see an CFL games on the schedule this weekend. It is actually possible to enjoy both the CFL and NFL. There is no exclusivity.

c) turn us all into Americans? The media in Canada is reporting on the SuperBowl because it is an EVENT! They also report on the US Elections every four years, so does that mean we all want to be Americans too? There's nothing wrong with going to/hosting a SuperBowl party. It's frickin' February fergawdsake! What else do we have to do? Get your buddies over and share a few cold ones. How is that such a bad thing?

So, instead of spewing the venom, have a seat on the couch, crack a couple of cold ones, and watch the game. It's probably not going to be as good as the Grey Cup (it almost never is) and that's just fine. It's an Event, that's all. We gotta have something to get us through a cold winter weekend.

a. no
b. maybe?
c. who knows?

problem is that they hype up a game that is boring, and we all know it cuz we see a better game in November than we ever see in Jan-Feb.

Good points horus, man problem most people on this forum including myself are die hard CFL fans, We love the sport and the way we play it. The NFL to alot of us can become quite boring because we are used to more action but it’ll be a good game. GO STEELERS.

I would say its more indifference than hate!

Good point.

Indifference, for sure ...

But I would like it a LOT more if the media didn't treat it like the biggest event since Jesus was crucified. Or, if they'd pay half as much attention to the Grey Cup as they do to the Stuporbowl. The game itself is fine ... I don't mind the football. But all the hype ... it's so nauseating, especially for a Canadian. Why can't we give our own game the same respect? Frankly, our own game should be MORE important to us than someone else's ... but seeing everyone falling head over heels and going gaga over the superbowl drives me nuts. The game is fine - the hype is ****ing brutal, and just makes me want to get away from it. My guess is that has a LOT to do with the "XL hatin".

As an American who knows a lot more about the NFL than the CFL and has almost equal affection (biased toward American version cause that's what I'm used to) I can understand this point of view and don't blame any Canadian for feeling this way. I also hope that the CFL continues to grow over the next few years, expand to 10-12 teams and is shown more in the States than in the past. I saw the CFL for the first time in 2005 since the mid 80's when ESPN used to show it! Show me some CFL!

on sportsnet.ca, they have a poll askin what u thought of the supersnore....59% of people say 'it didnt live up to the hype'.

to put this in perspective, after grey cup, 89% of people voted it was the best ever.


It never lives up to the hype ... since it's all about the hype, and not about the game ... Nevertheless, I cast my vote for it not living up to the hype :stuck_out_tongue:

Can't wait for all the front pages of the newspapers tomorrrow to have this splattered across them ... Honestly, when will the CFL get the appreciation it deserves?

Disagee , sorry RO but some guys are way to obssessed to call them indifferent. A person that's indifferent doesn't take every opportunity possible to trash talk the event , and a few guys here do take EVERY chance they get to do so . In fact it's really becoming very redundant already and Horus is quite right to point it out.

agred with the above.

Well, after the bore last night, seems that all the hatin was well founded.

I’d love to hear the TO media expain that way.

Thanks penn, Billy. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.

I'm not sure I get your last comment Kanga. Why should the TO media explain anything about the game? It's not their fault. they're not the only ones who were reporting on/hyping the game. I haven't read the TO papers yet this morning, but I'm sure they'll mention that the game was pretty slow and boring in the first half and picked up in the second, but still fell short of the excitemen of a Grey Cup contest.

Frankly, I don't think anyone should be surprised. The SB almost never matches up to the excitement (game-wise) of the Grey Cup, so why would anyone expect it to? The SuperBowl is what it is, and it's nothing to get all bent out of shape about.

hourus...If you can't see the holes and blind spots our own media has toward OUR game.and the over-hype the NFL gets by our media.. well I would say you are never gonna see it....too bad because its that recognition that cause many CFL'ers to believe we get second-hand coverage by our own people ....although this year they're finally recognizing...that gee whiz maybe it's a good idea to televise every game....finally.....don't mistake the annoyance that the CFL. fan has for' hate' for the NFL....but rather the sometimes' indifferent' treatment we get from our own people. towards OUR league... that causes the furor....just my thoughts... :!:

Horus ... For an unexplainable reason - Many, many CFL fans suffer from what would have to be considered an inferiority complex. Without logic, they will lash out against the NFL, its players, its rules, and its fans - and cry foul to anyone willing to listen ...

Its a pretty pathetic thing to witness. I can understand not liking another sport / league etc ... But I can't understand the childish name calling, and general pissings upon another league that doesn't even consider itself a competitor to the CFL ...

"a sense of personal inferiority arising from conflict between the desire to be noticed and the fear of being humiliated. In the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, an inferiority complex is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. It is often unconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme antisocial behaviour. "


Stop with the "inferiority complex" nonsense. We love the CFL at the expense of no other leagues to include the overhyped Super Snore. By stating the obvious, how the NFL is boring and especially the Super Snore. If more people were as passionet as some of us are, various institutions be it sports or real life would continue to prosper. Canada is fast becoming the Wal Mart of the north, at the expense of Eatons, The Bay etc. and do I mention the NHL which has sold out Canadian hockey.
Sheep we are not.

,,,right on argotom... :arrow: the only inferiority suffered is in the way the CFL. IS TREATED BY THE MEDIA....inferior coverage....I would say..it's got to change...

papazoola, you hit it right on the head ... The animosity many of us feel towards the NFL would not be there if it got the same coverage (in Canada) as the NBA or MLB does. Instead, our very own game is given second-class status by our very own media, and it's a slap in the face, and frankly rather disgraceful. If I didn't hear more about the Superbowl than I do about the Grey Cup, I wouldn't hate it. I can understand American media going all gaga over the Superbowl; it's THEIR game. But when our own media is falling head over heels to cover it, it gets absolutely disgusting. I suppose that as a CFL fan, my frustration would be better directed at the Canadian media than at the NFL ... but then again, it is the NFL that is the cause of all this, with their attempt at globalizing the game. "ooh, it's the most over-hyped event in the world! Let's talk about it non-stop, even though we have our own game which is consistently more entertaining - we can ignore that."

Imagine if all we heard about were American politics, with a little bit about Canadian politics thrown in if there was an election coming up. Imagine if all the Canadian networks always put any and all American political news ahead of Canadian news. I think most Canadians would be pretty disgusted by it. Now, football isn't politics, but it's the same principle at work with that example.

Agreed CanucKev and that's exactly what I personally face here in the self proclaimed "Center of the Universe" and wannabee US state. In Southern Ontario and specifically the GTA, one get's it from all sides and not only the perfect example of the recent overblown Super Snore. US politics largely get's if not equal billing here on radio and TV, but I would even go as as saying in some cases more. Hollywood entertainment reports following the evening news has spread like wild fire on numerous channels, Global being the worst, with CTV and City close behind and having their own Canadian anchors and twist. No doubt, you have the same problems in the Couv.
This speaks to the bigger problem is how due to our proximity and in some case like mine, the absolute greed in needing and wanting recognition from the US is obnoxious. Everything that Don Cherry spews is in my opinion virtually bang on. We are selling out slowly our Canadian heritage and soul.

Want a real laugh??...Just to cover the difference in Media. I listened to Neil McCrae on CKNW. He called it a bore, Trashed the Referee's, Commented that the Grey Cup was 10 times better. He commented that the Stones sucked! (His words!).... So, I just had to flip channels to see how the competetion covered it. Team 1040 (missed his name) called it an exciting nailbiter that kept the fans in their seats for 60 minutes.And for which the fans of Seattle should be proud of. :shock: Also How the Rolling Stones made it a "class" event! A couple of questionable calls from the officials (No specifics) but was part of the game. (Maybe he worked for the PR dept of the NFL)

I guess its all how your perspective is!