Whose worse?

Which team is the worst?

Saskatchewan has 3 more wins and have won the season series 2-0. How about adding Winnipeg?

its hard to pick anyone other than hamilton....0-5...cant argue that!

i wouldnt say the riders are bad, i'd say Nealon is bad

Of course I picked the Riders...but since the Riders beat the Cats twice, I know I have no argument.

But I do believe the Cats are not as bad as their 0-5 record indicates, and in fact better than they were last year. I don't think they'll have any problem matching the 9 wins they had last season.

Hard to not pick the Ti-Cats but if the Riders don't get out of this downward spiral soon they could end up being the worse team considering that Hamilton has kept a few games close.
(I'm glad my english teacher won't see that runon)

As a Cats fan, of course I can dream up a 101 reason not to pick the Tabbies. But I seriously think we are better than our record shows.

I agree, but they have to catch the ball.

Can't forget that the teams Saskatchewan has beat were the Ti-Cats (2) and the Bombers (1). If they can beat the Argos, Lions. Eskies or even the Als (which they couldn't do tonight) then I may think they're that bad